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Whitney Rosenberger | One Step Closer

Whitney's Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Mar 07, 2024






Hello! My name is Whitney Rosenberger. I am a junior at Edwardsville High School. I am a dancer on the EHS varsity dance team and I participate in many honors societies. Along with being a dancer at my school I have also been a dancer at Studio E dance company for the past 13 years.  This year I wanted to do even more for my community and the people around me. I have decided to become a 2024 Student Visionary.  

A student visonary to me, is someone who can see the world without cancer. I imagine a life where no one will ever have to suffer through the pain and grief of having cancer or knowing someone with cancer. LLS hits very close to home with me. In December of 2019 my mom was diagnosed with Malt Lymphoma. She suffered through chemotherapy treatments during covid-19. My family is extremely thankful that she is still here with us today. This experience permanently altered my family and inspired the want for a change in this world. Not every person is as lucky as my mom and I don't want any families to go through the loss of a loved one due to blood cancer. My goal is to inspire hope and advocate more research for blood cancer. We can find cures and resources for people going through cancer and I want to help. I want to make a change. I want to fundraise to saves lives. I want to join the fight to end blood cancer. Let's raise $50,000 together.

Will you come join the fight to end blood cancer?

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  • Maureen Clark

    Good luck with your fundraiser!! You got this Whitney!! 💪

  • Natalie Mitchell

    I know you will do great! Thank you for your hard work!

  • Casey Mikhayel

    Way to go Whitney! You’re doing amazing things! Love, The Mikhayels

  • Kelly Brodzik

    So proud of you Whitney! Keep up your amazing efforts. LLS is near and dear to my family. Best of luck!

  • Jen Spotanski

    Great job and good luck!

  • Katie Eichholz

    Good luck Whitney!

  • Stephanie Lantz

    This is amazing! Good Luck, Whitney!

  • Heather Lopez

    Good luck Whitney!

  • Kim Yurkovich

    Super proud of your work!

  • Linda Benner

    Whitney, Thank you gift sharing your beautifully written donation request with us and congratulations on being a Stufent Visionary. Your mom must be deeply grateful to see you join in the work she has done for cancer victims. We are also proud of your work! Good luck to you and your team.

  • The Blonds

    Keep up the great work, Whitney!

  • Jennifer Mossman

    Great job, Whitney!

  • Heather Kretzer

    Way to go Whitney!

  • Julia Lembeck

    Way to go, Whitney!

  • Tyler & Amy Jones

    Great work, Whitney! Standing with you.

  • Cathy Eagle

    Proud of you Whitney. We miss you! Keith, Cathy & Grace

  • AAdvantage Insurance Group

    Best of luck Whitney, to you and your family, for a successful fundraiser and awareness!

  • Erin Miller

    Good Luck, Whitney Rosenberger!!

  • A Little Taste of Heaven Bakery

    You are a rockstar! We donate and remember MB for her intentional giving, always! Thank you for helping so many!!

  • Darcie Cohn

    Thank you, Whitney!

  • Will & Adele Carpenter

    Bravo, Whitney!

  • Scott Credit Union

    Scott Credit Union is Proud to support our communities and community members.


    Thank you!

  • Julie Ezell


  • Aaron Fricke

    Keep up the great work and mark F off your list!

  • Robyne Ingram

    For a great young woman working for an amazing cause.

  • Becky & Don Ingram

    Absolutely impressed by your goals and heart! I shared the journey with your mom and just love her to pieces. You both are quite special ladies.

  • Brian McIntosh

    keep the donations away from dad :) I hope you meet your goal, nice work!

  • Whitetail Design Studio

    Best of luck with the fundraising Whitney! We are proud to support you and this cause!

  • Ann Barron

    Good luck!

  • Amanda Blackburn

    In memory of our dear friend Kendra Scott from Epic Experience Summer Camp! What a beautiful soul!

  • The Eagles - NC

    North Carolina!

  • Julianne Simmons

    From CA, for the epic Colorado Lymphomies TCB, Mafia B and Salty

  • Wendy Miller

    Best wishes!

  • Julie Uspal

    Proud of you!! Sending love from New Jersey!

  • Beki Walkup

    Anything for a former member of my GS troop.

  • Sally Agger- Wisconsin

    Sally A- Wisconsin

  • Sheri Cain

    Good luck Whitney!

  • Kaitlin Judd

    New Mexico!

  • Anonymous

    Hi from Pennsylvania!

  • Anonymous

    From Maryland

  • Anonymous

    ❤️ Tennessee

  • Jayna Froehlich

    Good luck!

  • Shauna Mussey

    Love from MN! ??

  • Alexis Duffy

    Representing WA ??

  • Linda Gil

    Charlas Clark was an army ranger paratrooper who served over 20 years in active duty. Hw was also a loving husband to his first wife who died in 1973, I believe, shortly after he was discharger from the army honorable discharge. Unfortunately at 83 his life ended with leukemia on Christmas the first year of CoVID. What a way to died after being on the battle feild for so many years. He was a good man in everyway and will be missed. it is in his honor I make a donation. Linda

  • Colorado friends

    Supporting Whitney from Colorado

  • Aaron Fricke

    Thank you so much!

  • Jason Bay

    Love you Sherry!!!

  • Don and Diane Schunk

    Hi Whitney! Your service to others is admirable. Keep up the good work. We wish you all the best.

  • Stephen Miller

    Whitney - thank you for organizing this and all of your effort to make campaign successful.

  • Becky Holt

    With thanks from Vermont.

  • Michael Brown

    Keep up the amazing work!

  • Team Hadley

    Whitney Rosenberger

  • Fireside Financial

    We are proud to support you and your goal! Best of luck.

  • William Nienaber

    As a fellow cancer survivor. The Nienabers are proud beyond words that Whitney has taken this challenge. And dedicated her efforts to something larger In a world filled with me-me-me. She has shown selflessness and passion for this project. Bless her and all those affected by these conditions.

  • Crystal and Solomon McCabe

    Thank you for all you are doing in the fight against blood cancer! So excited for you and your amazing team. Good luck!

  • The Brodzik Family

    You’re doing amazing things!

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