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Feb 10, 2019

Our GoLead class at Mount Paran Christian School has given us the opportunity to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). As co-candidates in the LLS Students of the Year Campaign, we are working on a fundraiser to enhance our leadership development skills. Together with our team members, Ben Keller and Aiden Ross, our “HOLA Cure” team plans to raise $50,000 in the 7 weeks running from January 31st to March 23rd. We know this is an ambitious undertaking, but we know that we can achieve it with the help of you, our amazing family and friends.

Millions of people around the world are fighting a daily battle with blood cancer and every three minutes another person joins the struggle. We have always wanted to help fight for those who are affected by such an awful disease and hope to say one day that we helped find a cure for cancer.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is the largest donor to blood cancer research in the nation and one hundred percent of our contributions will go towards the outstanding life-saving research they have been doing.

As a team, we have special reasons for partnering with LLS. Co-candidate, Hannah Cantwell’s mother, Tina Cantwell, is a two-time breast cancer survivor. Adriamycin, a chemotherapy drug developed originally to treat leukemia and lymphoma, was given to Tina to treat her breast cancer. This is the drug that saved her life. Additionally, Lola Robertson's cousin, Emma Quinney, fought hard but tragically lost her battle with cancer when she was 13 years old. We are so inspired by both of their stories and we want to help other patients and families who are affected by cancer.  

We would like to invite you to support our team as we take on this project that will impact so many lives. Please see the red donation button to the left to make your tax-deductible donation. LLS will provide a tax receipt afterward.  

Thank you so much in advance for your support.

All our best,

Hannah Cantwell and Lola Robertson

** To make your donation go further, check to see if your company matches donations!


                       The team selling Chick-Fil-A biscuits every Thurday morning.



  • Lynda Audet

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

  • Tawanna Rusk

    Super proud of your efforts!!

  • Marietta Wealth

    Thank you - Hannah, Lola, Ben and Aiden - for your dedication to raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Your efforts will make a difference!

  • Scott and Pam Keller

    Thank you, team HOLA Cure, for all of your efforts in raising money for LLS. We are thankful for your passion for finding a cure. Keep up the great work!

  • Anonymous

    Go Hola Cure team!!

  • Rostowsky Family

    Great cause and good luck reaching your goal. Small steps every day toward cures because of teams like HOLA Cure.

  • Jason and Angela Coleman

    Perhaps nothing frightens each of us more than to hear the word “cancer”. While we fight this dreaded disease we give all the glory to God for those who have shone us His faithfulness through the courage and strength of cancer survivors and the love and support of their doctors and caregivers and for those who have passed we pray for eternal peace in the loving arms of our Savior. We give for our friends, family and all those who put their HOPE in Jesus and HOPE for a cure to cancer.

  • Anonymous

    The Reel family

  • Susan Harrah

    Well done Team Hola

  • John F Braswell

    My twin sister, Myra, who passed away in 2014 due to cancer.

  • Carla And Ken LaMorta

    Best of luck in reaching your goal for such a great cause!

  • Jason Curtis

    Tina Cantwell

  • Daniel & Kelly Stout

    So grateful to the Lord for these young people and their willingness to give of themselves for others.

  • Charlie and Leslie Pulley

    So proud of you, Team Hola Cure, and your commitment to fundraising for LLS. You are making a difference!

  • Shannon Myers

    Best of luck to you, Hannah. We love you Tina!

  • Emmett and Catina Taliaferro

    We are all so proud of you for all of your hard work.

  • Tom Mutz

    Proud to see young people working hard on such an amazing cause. Keep up the great work!

  • wayne kosbe

    Lola,, we are so proud of your work,, and the enthusiasm you have towards a great cause. Wayne and April Kosbe

  • Kelly Myers

    Thanks for all your efforts, Hannah! Love, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Jay, and The Cousins

  • Jo Ann Keller

    Thanks so much for all of your work for such a worthy cause. Jo Ann and John

  • Ginger Davidson

    Thank you so much hola group for this very important fundraiser. I am fitting multiple myeloma and am so grateful for leukemia lymphoma myeloma society

  • Charles and Jean Crabbe

    We are very proud of your hard work and wish you well with your campaign! Love, Charles and Jean

  • Patel Family

    Proud of what you are doing! Good luck with everything :)

  • Brent and Robin Scott

    Proud of you Hannah and the impact you are having on so many lives!

  • Jeff and Katie Schwab

    Proud of your efforts! Your families' courage and strength are an inspiration to all of us!

  • Anonymous

    Best wishes to you all and good luck in your efforts for a great cause.

  • The Epps Family

    Go Team HOLA Cure!! People like you partnering with organizations like LLS are the way to eradicating this awful disease! Thank you for all of your hard work!! Love, The Epps Family

  • Cindy Gibbs

    Keep up your great work team Hola Cure! We are so proud of you!

  • Ellen Dizard

    Great Job with the fundraising. Love, the Dizards

  • Ryan and Tina Cantwell

    HOLA Cure! The Cantwell Family is grateful for your dedication to finding a CURE for cancer. Our donation is in memory of our friend and Breast Surgeon, Dr. Kristin Ruth Corgan. Kristin helped save Tina's life by taking tender, precise care to eliminate all traces of the disease from her body. Our hearts broke as Kristin succumbed to the very pathosis she extracted from countless women. May memories of her kindness and skill bring joy to all who knew and loved her.

  • Ginny & Ray

    Hanna, Ben, Lola & Aiden …. Best of Luck raising funds for a good cause.... Thank You.

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