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Simon Richter | Team Be the Change

Simon's Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Jan 25, 2024

My name is Simon Richter, I am a tenth-grader at Radnor High School, and I am so excited to be participating in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Student Visionaries of the Year program. With my team, I will be working to raise $100,000 in support of all forms of blood cancer. Our campaign will be running from January 25th until March 14th, and any contribution you can give means the world to me!

Please consider joining this fight by making a donation. All donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible. Please visit my website often and tell friends who would also like to donate!

Thanks to your support, my efforts will help ensure this generation is the last to see cancer.

On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere, thank you!

For more information about LLS, please visit




  • James and Kimberly Richter

    So proud of you and your team for these important efforts! Good luck with the campaign and achieving your impressive and impactful goal! Keep up the great work!!!

  • Polly Petersen

    I hope you can reach your campaign goal for such a worthwhile cause - thank you!!

  • Francie Blynn Baxter

    Good luck. Simon! The Baxters.

  • The Caldwell Family

    This is such a great cause, really proud of you, Simon!

  • Anonymous

    Good luck, Simon!

  • Anonymous

    Happy to be a part of this Simon! Stay Strong!!

  • Amy Walling

    Good luck Simon

  • Nathan Lang

    Thanks for all your hard work, love and commitment on this Simon and Richter fam!

  • Whitaker Family

    Good work Simon! love, Whitaker's

  • Bob Kothari

    Keep up the great work Simon!

  • Eleanor LeRoux

    Simon, anything to put you a step ahead of that miscreant sister of yours gets my vote. Good luck with your endeavor. It’s a great cause.

  • Linda and Jay Beaulieu

    Good luck with your fun raising. Such a great cause.

  • Cynthia and Jamie (Goodstein) Frazier

    Go SImon1 What a wonderful cause. Wishing you all the best, Cindy and Jamie (Goodstein) Frazier and family

  • Anonymous

    Good luck and thanks for doing this! Roy

  • Mimi and Tom Drake

    Great work for a great cause, Simon!! Love, the Drakes

  • Allison Fleitas

    Good Luck Simon!

  • Scott Adams and Samantha Garbers

    Great work Simon and good luck!

  • Ellen Bartlett

    Thank you Simon for doing great work for a good cause.

  • Gayle Gowen

    Nice work, Simon!! Thank you for what you are doing. Gayle and George Gowen

  • Christian Red

    Thank you, Simon, for doing amazing charitable work! Chris Red and family

  • The Jubelirers

    Way to go, Simon! Best of luck on raising money for this important mission.

  • Andrew Goldfarb

    Good luck with the fundraising campaign, Simon!

  • Cynthia Szoradi

    Go Simon!! XO Cynthia, Calvin and Carter

  • Lynn Dwyer

    Good luck Simon! Great job.

  • bronwyn and Ben huffard

    Thank you for including us and good luck reaching your ambitious goal!

  • Anonymous

    Be the change ! I love it . Way to go Simon!

  • David and Erin Dugery

    Great work!

  • The Mascioli Family

    Thank you for your efforts to this great cause, Simon, and good luck!

  • Tracy Tooke

    Simon thank you for heading up this campaign to fight cancer! Tracy Tooke

  • The Campbell Family

    Go Simon!!

  • Erica T Merrill

    Good luck in the family competition Simon! Good fun for a good cause!

  • Don CHASE

    Good Luck Simon

  • Diane Hauser

    Good luck, Simon! Thank you for your tremendous efforts!

  • The Salers

    Fantastic cause. Thanks Simon! Hope to meet you when you come to DC to visit your sister!

  • Kathryn Moriarty Baldwin and Greg Baldwin

    This is for Simon Richters drive PHL SVOY 24

  • Rust Family

    From the Rust Family

  • Haseena Enu

    What a worthy cause Simon! Good luck meeting your goal!

  • David Irwin

    Great work, Simon Richter, on such an important cause.

  • Danielle Phil and Maya

    Proud of you for fundraising for such a worthy cause!

  • The Driscolls

    GO Simon!

  • Allison Marshaleck

    I met your dad at Unlimited... Keep up the good work! What a wonderful thing you are doing!

  • The Lederman Family

    Keep up the good work, Simon!

  • Mary Beth DeLena

    Good luck in your fundraising, it’s an impressive goal and a great cause!

  • Amy Wistreich

    Great work!! The Wistreich's

  • David Helber

    Awesome job, Simon! The Helbers

  • Andrew Smiles

    Simon Richter & PHL SVOY 24

  • Timothy Holland

    Best of luck, Simon!!! The Holland Family

  • Rachel and Eric Schwartz

    Well done, Simon!

  • Lauren and Chris Sullivan

    Simon Richter and PHL SVOY 24 Thanks for bringing important awareness to this cause, Simon. Good luck to you and your team.


    Such a great cause, Simon! Good luck.

  • Harri Taranto

    Congratulations on doing this, Simon.

  • The Gantt Family

    Well done Simon!! You are an inspiration to the MYB team.

  • Stacey and Chris McConnell

    Great work, Simon!!! Stacey and Chris McConnell

  • Caren Seidle

    Your mother told me about your family's support of this organization and I had to support you.

  • Quigley's

    Great cause Simon! Keep up the fight.

  • Richard & Kori Snyder

    Simon, It is an honor for Kori and I to support your fundraising effort to save lives!!! Rich

  • Melissa and Paul Anderson

    Way to go Simon for changing the world.

  • Edwin Van Dusen

    Simon -- Thanks for including us in your good efforts, and best of luck to you in this worthy endeavor! Sincerely, Edwin Van Dusen

  • Isaac Jones

    Supporting Simon Richter and LLS

  • Nicole Morley

    Great job fundraising, Simon! Good luck with your goal!

  • the rozes family

    congratulations on raising critical funds for this important work. love, the rozes family

  • John Wilketson

    Simon richter &phl Svoy24

  • Robin & David Elliott

    Good luck Simon! Thank you for your hard work for such a great cause!

  • Kristen McMullin

    Happy to support such an important cause. Hope you are crushing your goal! Keep going!

  • Jerry McLaughlin

    Great work Simon!

  • Joshua Thurman

    Good luck

  • John Cassidy

    Thank you for taking on this important project. The world is better off because of young people like you. Thank you!

  • Robyn & Nathan Jameson

    Simon and team, well done in your fundraising efforts for a great cause! - Nathan & Robyn Jameson

  • Steven Higgins

    Wishing you success reaching your fundraising goal.

  • Matty and Krishna Venugopalan

    Keep up the good work Simon!

  • Scott Montgomery

    Well done Simon & Richter Family

  • Alexandra Zinman

    So proud of the amazing work you’re doing Simon!!

  • Mary Beth Bongiovanni

    Proud of Simon!

  • Anonymous

    Thank You for all of your efforts through out your campaign.

  • Karen Lucey

    Best of luck the Luceys!!

  • The Piselli Family

    Good luck Simon!

  • Arnold Rosoff

    Happy to support Simon’s good work ????

  • James & Kimberly Richter

    Final Ask! Way to go these last 7 weeks!

  • Jonathan and Elise Richter

    For Simon Richter’s campaign

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