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Cassidy Pagen | Rye for a Cure's Campaign Team

$7k to go!

Mar 08, 2021

Fundraising ends THIS THURSDAY and we are only $7k away from breaking $100K thanks to your support! You can help push Rye for the Cure over the finish line by sharing our link or joining the virtual Grand Finale call on Thursday, March 11th at 6:30 pm.

  • For individuals 18 years of age or older, please register here. Please note, a credit card is required to bid or donate and will only be charged if you win a silent auction item(s) or donate through the online system.

  • For individuals under 18 years of age, please register here.

At the finale you have the ability to bid on auction items ranging from a round of golf to a vacation home in Cape Cod! Bidding on auction items contributes to the team total and gets us closer to 100k!

You can also raise a paddle for team Rye for the Cure, pledging a larger donation of $500 or more.

The finale will be a fun night where we see the impact all Students of the Year candidates have made over the past few weeks! Please consider registering, as it will be your last chance to support team Rye for the Cure! We hope to see you there!




Mar 04, 2021

There is officially 1 week left of fundraising! You can help push Rye for the Cure across the finish line to our $100k goal - only $15k to go! Please share the link with friends and family!

So excited for LAX4LLS this weekend, Saturday, March 6th! See the previous post for details. 

Stay tuned for the Grand Finale on March 11th! Thank you so much for your support!



Feb 25, 2021

I'm excited to announce LAX4LLS, which will take place on Saturday, March 6th! Join me and other Rye Women's Lacrosse athletes in a morning of clinics supporting LLS! It's a great way to prepare for RYL tryouts!



Kindergarden - 4th: 9 - 10:30am

5th - 8th: 10:30 - 12pm

At Warrior Baseball in Portchester NY



Pay $50 in cash, check, or Venmo: Ryeforthecure


Registration link:



Please Share the Campaign!

Feb 20, 2021

Believe it or not, we are over half way through the fundraising campaign! We have officially raised our team goal to $100,000, and we cannot reach this huge milestone without your help! The finale (March 11th) is getting closer and closer, so please spread the word about Rye for the Cure in the coming weeks!

Huge thank you to Rye Racquet for partnering with us! They will be displaying our posters in the building, and making a donation through an auction item (stay tuned for silent auction info)!

The date for LAX4LLS has changed to Saturday, March 6th! Stay tuned for registration - it will be coached by Rye lacrosse athletes and it's a great way to prepare for RYL tryouts the next day!

Below is our new QR code! Please use this one moving forward when scanning and sharing!





  • Katherine Pagen

    I’m so proud of you!

  • Kendra & Patrick Moran

    Go Cass! You are an amazing young woman!

  • Nicole Alvey

    Great work, Cass! ?? Nicole, Sadie, & Paige

  • Kristin Peck

    So proud of everything you have accomplished Cassidy! I am so proud of how hard you fought and who you have become.

  • Patrick Gorham

    Way to go Cassidy!!! You rock!

  • Linda Kermanshahchi

    Amazing work! Keep it up!!

  • Daniel DelGuercio

    Great work!!

  • Rachel Clark

    So glad you are here and paying it forward.

  • Christine Pagen

    When you were two years old, I was with you in the MSK playroom while you were there for treatment. A little boy was crying and crying across the room. You looked at him, looked at the toy in your hand, and walked over to hand him your toy. You're both a warrior and a kind spirit, which is a powerful combination! You can do ANYTHING. Proud of you.

  • Camille Garcia

    Wishing you great success and lots of adventures to come. (From a friend of your Aunt Chris)

  • Seth and Ivy Keslow

    Great job! You rock! With much love-Ivy and Seth Keslow

  • The Ebeling Family

    Go Cassidy Go!

  • Dan Aversano

    Keep up the great work!

  • Kathleen Gobright

    This for my great-niece Cassidy Pagen. She is an amazing young lady and we are so proud of her. For the cure.

  • The Kelleher's

    Way to go Cassidy!

  • Jan & Kevin Austin

    We are so proud of everything you are and everything you do! We love you.

  • Lesley Draper

    In honor and in memory of all the people have fought against all types of cancer.

  • The Berkoff Family

    Great work Cassidy!!

  • Anonymous

    Go Cassidy! Shoot for Mars! Love, the Nelsons

  • Yvonne Gavrilis

    Good luck Cassidy. (Hi KatieP??)

  • Lisa Ellis

    Way to go Cassidy!

  • Angela Girardin Cahill

    Amazing work you’re doing!

  • Cathy Page

    You are an amazing young lady.

  • Mark Frahm

    Great work Cassidy!

  • Noah & Emily Cefalo

    Awesome stuff!

  • Craig Cimoroni

    Way to go Cassidy and your team on assembling a great group to raise an ambitious sum of money to support a great cause.

  • Lori DeBlois

    Way to go Cassidy!! Love, Auntie Lori

  • Kelly Dunn

    So proud of the work you are doing and giving back to the organization that helped you. Way to go Cassidy! Love you, Auntie Kelly

  • Jessica Hogue

    Good luck Cassidy!

  • Alex & Marli

    Way to go Cass! What a great cause & good luck in your student of the year campaign!

  • marianne bellino

    So happy to be able to help with this cause in honor of Cassidy, whose mom is a dear friend. I remember so vividly when hearing of Cassidy's news at two years old, followed her progress through those trying years, and am so happy to see the healthy and beautiful teen she has become. Hope to see you and your mom one day soon.

  • Jeff hammond

    Way to go Cassidy!!!

  • Jordan Sadler

    Great job!

  • Heather Grethe

    Cass you’re amazing! So sweet, smart, and strong! 💪🏽 ❤️ 🔥

  • Katherine Frattarola

    Way to go, Cassidy. Your work has inspired us and undoubtedly will do so for others. You should feel proud of the contribution that you are making and be certain that the impact will be felt by so many who are heroically fighting this horrible disease.

  • Gerald Brenninkmeyer

    Keep up the great work!

  • Peter Sheahan

    Keep up the great work!!!

  • Andrew Feigenson inspirational effort from somebody with an inspirational story.

  • Corrigan Family

    Good Stuff !

  • Matt Crowley

    Happy to support this cause, and anything to help defeat childhood cancers on behalf of all those impacted directly and indirectly. Good luck Cassidy in the fundraising. All the best, The Crowley Family

  • Cynthia Howard

    Go Cassidy! Well done!

  • Sasha Murray

    Go Cassidy !!!

  • Steven Farrelly-Emerald Tree and Shrub Care

    Emerald Tree and Shrub Care is honored to support the cause.

  • Karen Magnani

    You are so strong young lady and you have grown into a beautiful person. So wonderful for you to be raising awareness and funds.

  • Chris Sandleitner

    Keep up the good work

  • Vikram Kulkarni

    Keep up the great work Cassidy, you’re an inspiration!

  • Phil Gibbs

    Good work Cassidy!!!

  • Jen and Adrian Meli

    Go Cassidy!

  • Christensen Family

    Keep up the great work, Cassidy!

  • Kokkoris Family

    We're so proud of you, Cassidy. Thank you for working so hard to help others after everything you have been through. You are an inspiration to all of us

  • Marc and Kristen Keslow

    Amazing work Cassidy! You are making a big difference! We know your parents are very proud of you.

  • Andrew McOrmond

    This is a great cause and keep up the fight Andy McOrmond

  • The Dermans

    Strong like bull Cassidy!! Way to go. - the Dermans

  • Mancini Family

    Well done Cassidy

  • Kmetz Family

    Amazing job!

  • Betsy Rella

    Way to go Cassidy!! Show them how it's done.

  • Joy Ferguson

    Amazing work Cassidy! You will do great things! Sending love!

  • Crista Demasi

    Well done Cassidy!!

  • The Becton. Family

    This is so great!

  • The Mullen Family

    I have no doubt you'll reach your fundraising goal! You are amazing, impressive, and inspirational!

  • robert fetch

    Such a great difference you're making, Cassidy!

  • Jennifer Ritter

    Good luck Cass!

  • Jodi Goldstein Press

    Great job!!

  • Elissa Nesbitt

    For Cassidy Pagen's campaign! With love the Nesbitts

  • The Appleyards

    Good luck with your fundraising Cassidy! Proud of you.

  • Scott Grunther

    So impressive, Cassidy! Way to go!

  • Paul Salmore

    We congratulate Cassidy on her support of the LLS mission! Salmore Family.

  • Peter DeAngelo

    Great job Cassidy in raising awareness for this great cause! You are making a difference!

  • Sandy McGuire

    Congratulations, Cassidy! And good luck!!!!

  • Clare Gilroy

    Great work Cassidy and Rye for the Cure!

  • Beatty Family

    Way to go!

  • Taryn Phelan

    So proud of you Cassidy and team!

  • Kevin Kruszenski

    Way to go, Cassidy!

  • Jessica Panchatha & Family

    Way to go and step up, Cassidy! Best of luck on your campaign!! Lots of love, The Panchatha’s

  • Nicole Riccio

    You go girl! Great work, Cassidy!

  • Kristine and Hank Forsyth

    Way to go Cassidy!

  • Anonymous

    Best wishes moving forward

  • Susan Janart

    Cassidy you are a true inspiration and I am proud to support you for your bravery to share your story and your passion for a cure. Susan Janart Rye Mom ??

  • Zach and Heather Harrison

    Great work Cassidy!! We are so proud of you!! All our best, Zach and Heather

  • Mary Kentros

    Honoring my brave son battling lymphoma

  • Chris & Sandi Wright

    Incredible story Cassidy!!

  • Audrey Ebeling

    Awesome job Cassidy!

  • April Saxe, May Burke, June Hatch

    This is for the ad

  • Ramona Lujan

    Keep at it Cassidy, we’re all so proud of you!

  • Tom & Lauren Cronin

    Hi Matt & Katie, I hope you and the kids are well! Its been way too long - hope to see you soon and have a few rigs! Tom & Lauren Cronin

  • margaret saunders

    Congratulations Cassidy. You're doing a terrific job!margaret

  • Mark Hoffman

    Cassidy Pagen keep going forward - great effort !

  • Jay Meagrow

    Great cause and a really well done campaign.

  • Lilli Lawner

    Great job from a local Mamaroneck family!

  • Olivia Curry

    Amazing Cassidy!!!

  • Thomas Duda

    Such an important cause, thank you for all your efforts to raise donations!

  • Casey Hartley

    Way to go, Cassidy! You are truly an inspiration. Best of luck to you and your team in reaching your goal! Happy 2021 to you and your family as well. Hope its a good one. Love, The Hartleys (Casey, Catherine, Hunter and Wells)

  • Sue Wexler

    What an amazing young woman you are!

  • Paul Kreske


  • Anonymous

    LAX4LLS first round of payment

  • Blair Maloney

    Go Cassidy Go!

  • Yvette Frampton


  • Ian Lopatin

    Congratulations Cassidy

  • Brian & Sara Tack

    Amazing cause, amazing girl! Nice work, Cassidy! The Tack Family

  • Rhoda Shapiro

    Keep up the fight against this disease. It is so very important. Thank yiu

  • Dolores Principe

    For the Cure!!!

  • Rachel Mueller-Lust

    Congrats Cassidy on your excellent service!

  • Mark Whaling

    Great work Cassidy

  • Judi Allen

    Good luck, Cassidy!

  • Adam Levy

    Happy to support. Adam Levy

  • Melissa Hieger

    Awesome work, Cassidy. Keep fighting for a cure!

  • Adam Merlo

    Very inspirational work Cassidy... keep it up!

  • John Stuart

    Cassidy - You wonderful mother has told me some great things about you. I think what you are doing here - raising money for a great cause is fantastic ! Good Luck - John Stuart

  • Leah Viault

    Nice work Cassidy and team Rye!

  • Chris Capobianco

    Way to go Cassidy!!!! Keep working hard!!!!

  • LAX4LLS online registration payment

  • Irina Shimarova

    Keep doing amazing work you are doing in supporting this cause! This is so extremely important and it saves lives. Thank you so much!

  • George Goettelmann

    Great work Cassidy!

  • Blair Kaplan

    Awesome Cassidy! Blair Kaplan

  • O’Hara Family

    Way to go Cassidy!

  • Nancy C Benacci

    Cassidy - you are an amazing young woman! What a wonderful think you are doing!

  • Lisa Fallon

    GO CASSIDY! You are an inspiration to us all!

  • Petra Nemeth

    Cass, you rock! You are such an inspiration to all of us. - Love from the Nemeth Family

  • Lindsay Casson Brosens

    Go Cassidy Go!

  • Brendan Kelleher

    Keep up the great work! Happy to help and support you! All the best, Brendan Kelleher and family

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    Cassidy, you are amazing! The Tusiani’s

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    We’re happy to support Cassidy!

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    Go Cassie!

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    Cassidy Pagen you are a rockstar! I can't wait to hear about all your future successes! All our love, Sarah and Shawn Cain

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    Way to go Cassidy!

  • Ramona Lujan

    So proud of you and what you are doing 💓

  • Bernadette Hunter

    Cassidy this is so amazing that you are raising money to fight this disease! We are honored to support you and your team! XOXO Berni and Big Charlie

  • Jen Crozier

    Best of luck with this very important campaign. XO Jen

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    Good luck Cassidy and team.

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    The Martini's are so proud of you!!

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  • Cassidy Pagen

    Last LAX4LLS Venmo payment

  • Anonymous

    LAX4LLS second round of Venmo/cash payment

  • Catherine Herkovic

    Good Luck reaching your goal Cassidy!

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    Great job, Cassidy! Love, Will and Mackenzie

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    Best of luck, Cassidy! Your neighbor, Gary

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    Way to go Cassidy Pagen!!

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    Way to go, Cassidy - keep up the good work!

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    Keep up the good work Cassidy !

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    God Bless you in your journey toward support for a cure.

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    This is great and important work Cass. So proud that you are making an effort to effect change. Way to pay it forward!!!

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    Great work for a great cause.

  • Jamie Borteck

    Cassidy, well done.. I know your parents are super proud of everything you're doing... I hear you're doing great on the field, in school, and all-around solid to your family... we're all excited to see how you've grown through the years. Nice work!

  • Paula Wittbrodt

    So impressed by your strength in overcoming this disease at a young age and proud of you for your passion in finding a cure for others! It is so nice to see you grow into the amazing young woman you’ve become. Xox Paula

  • David Hohman

    Cassidy Pagen

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