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Connor and Julia Davisson | Blood Bound

Blood Bound - Students of the Year Fundraiser

Jan 24, 2021
Welcome and thank you for visiting our fundraising page! We are Team Blood Bound, Connor and Julia Davisson from Short Hills, NJ. We are competing in this fundraising challenge in honor of our mom, Shannon Davisson, who began her fight against Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) in the fall of 2019.  Since then, a close family friend and Connor's former football coach, Tim Freeman, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma and he began a long and difficult treatment plan. Then we tragically lost a friend, classmate and teammate of Connor's, Robbie Almgren, to an acute leukemia in December and our entire community is still dealing with the pain of this loss. We want to make a difference, find cures and better treatments so that blood cancers can no longer hurt the people we love. 
It is scary learning that someone you love has cancer. Prior to our mom starting treatment, we spent a few weeks traveling as a family. Our mom was brave, always reassuring us that her treatment would work. She knew she might not feel like herself again for a while so we focused enjoying our time together. Our mom reached deep molecular remission in June 2020 but unfortunately just learned her levels rose again in December. If she can regain deep remission and remain stable for 2 years after, her doctor will allow her to try treatment free remission. She is trying to be aggressive with her treatments to meet this goal, even though she suffers from many side effects. Learning of this temporary setback was disappointing for us all. At times we feel helpless as we navigate this long road with our family, which is why this competition means so much. It gives us the chance to do something meaningful to change the future of these cancers.

Today there is no cure for CML and those affected typically have to stay on treatment for the rest of their lives. We hope our fundraising efforts will go a long way to change that and will help provide a better quality of life for all who are affected. Our mom and our family have directly benefited from the important work done by LLS, funded by donors like you. We want to pay that forward and help create a better future for all blood cancer patients and those who love them.  No one ever wants to hear the news that they or someone they love has cancer. Please consider donating to our fundraising campaign and sharing this information with everyone you know who would like to join us in the fight against cancer. Together we can make a difference. Together, we have the power to achieve a world without blood cancer.

We can do big things with your help. All donations are tax-deductible.

LLS’s mission has many important facets, including investing in groundbreaking research, providing education and support to patients, and advocating at the state and federal level for legislation to help those living with cancer. Each and every dollar donated to LLS brings us closer to our goal of ending blood cancer for good. We can testify to this directly, as without LLS our family's story would have had a very a different ending.

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As a global leader in the fight to end cancer, LLS is committed to putting cancer patients and their families first – more so than any other organization in the world. LLS’s signature fundraising efforts include a nearly $1.3 billion worldwide investment in cutting edge life-saving cancer research, treatments and cures since its founding in 1949. As a result, survival rates for many blood cancer patients have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled since 1960.

This is why at LLS we say that beating cancer is in our blood.

Thank you for your support.

Connor and Julia Davisson, Team Blood Bound

Top Row: Patti Lee, Brian Sullivan,  Shawn Straub, Sophie Zangara

2nd Row: Aidan Goldberg, Ed Straub, Brett Simons, Mike Capone

3rd Row: Emily Brown, Sheila Straub, Jacob Popolow, Paige McBoyle

Botton Row: Chris Drechsel, Karen Gates, Lynne Kuper, Dani Gates





  • Anonymous

    #12 Forever

  • The Varnish Family

    In In Loving Memory of Robbie Almgren. Connor & Julia - Very best of luck with your fundraising. It’s a wonderful endeavor.

  • Davisson Family

    We love you Shannon. ❤️ We know you will kick cancer’s ass!

  • Karen Mango

    We love you Shannon!

  • Richard Horne

    Great job Team BloodBound!

  • Lori Rosenbaum

    You’re amazing! Keep fighting

  • The Handwerger Family

    We are so proud of Connor and Julia. Shannon, we are here for you always.

  • Noel & Dori Sedransk

    Sending our love to The Davisson Family.

  • Penina Barr

    Love the work you are both doing to bring awareness and help to the community and others.

  • Claire Garland

    Holding your spot on the team, Shannon! Can't wait for you to kick cancer's bottom and get back on the court. Miss you! - Claire Garland

  • seeger family

    Such an inspiration!

  • Tina Gershoff

    Davisson Family, you are incredible, especially your mom. Sending you all much love and strength. love, the Gershoff's #12Forever

  • Tuths Family

    I’m honor of Shannon and Tim and in memory of Robbie. Love you Shannon ❤️

  • Lewis Family

    We love Sheila and Ed. We pray for you all to experience healing and continued love from all those around you. Anne and Tom Lewis

  • Skip & Cathy Brown

    We wish you all the best with your treatments. Keep fighting, Shannon! Love, Skip and Cathy

  • The Ngiam/Wang family

    Rooting for all of you !

  • Tim Freeman

    Wonderful job Julia and Connor!

  • Michael Sapienza

    In response to outreach from Connor & Julia Davisson

  • Hugh and Jackson Weber

    In memory of our #12 In honor of all those who fight this disease Hugh and Jackson Weber

  • Tory Register

    Very inspiring to see you guys working to help your mom!

  • The Molkas

    Sending our love to the Davisson Family and in memory of #12

  • Marlene May

    Supporting all in our community who are struggling with blood cancer.

  • Laurie Bernstein

    Hope Shannon is doing well!

  • Randal, Kim & Megan Klein

    Sending all of our love to the entire Davisson family!

  • Cifu Family

    Great job Davisson Family! Good luck to you in achieving your goal and good luck to your Mom! The Cifu Family

  • Diane Mullin

    Thanks for your efforts Connor and Julia! Diane and Vic Mullin

  • Patrick Shooltz

    Julia and Connor, Congratulations! You are continuing the legacy of your Family as caring members who give back to your Community! You inspire us all. Thank You.

  • Kurtsoy Family

    We love you Shannon and in loving memory of Robbie.

  • Christopher Drechsel

    To always remembering #12 and supporting Mrs. Davisson!

  • Zane Solender & family

    In memory of Robbie Almgren - Zane Solender & family

  • Kristen Pohndorf Staub

    Wishing you good health in this new year! Connor & Julia--amazing job on the fundraising! XO Kristen (Pohndorf) Staub

  • The McClure Family

    Julia and Connor - Good luck with your fundraising campaign. All our best to you both and to your parents. We think of Short Hills often and your wonderful family. Love - Sheila, Rob and Kate McClure

  • Ryan Koplitz

    Thank you to your family and everybody involved. #12 Forever

  • The Salerno Family

    Amazing cause, keep up the great work!

  • Werstler Family

    Sending love and hugs to the Davisson Family! You will beat this Shannon!

  • The Zangara Family

    In honor of our friends Shannon Davisson and Tim Freeman and in loving memory of Robbie. Sincerely, The Zangara Family

  • Suzy and Evan Frankel

    Dear Shannon we join you in your fight! You’ve got this! And... we remember those who have lost their battle. #robbiealmgren #12 Love, The Frankel Family ❤️❤️❤️

  • The Ebner Family

    Keep up the good work Connor and Julia. We are always thinking of you Shannon.

  • The Titan family

    Wishing strength and support to Shannon and Tim. Remembering Robbie.

  • Ellen Bowden

    Congratulations to Connor and Julia for heading up this most worthwhile campaign.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your efforts to fight this dread disease!

  • Tito

    Happy to support a great cause.

  • Missy Rodriguez

    Dear Shannon, You’ve got this!!!! Sending love and support ?????? Love, The Rodriguez Family

  • The Culligans

    Dear Connor & Julia - What a wonderful way to honor your mom! Best of luck with your fundraising efforts. The Culligans, Jumana, Brendan, Liam, Ella & RED 🐾

  • The Freelunds

    We are so proud of the work you guys are doing! Keep fighting!

  • The Nelson Family

    In memory of Robbie Almgren, with support to everyone in this fight.

  • Cindy Gerstein

    Way to go Julia & Connor! So amazing that you are doing this!

  • Lipkin family

    Happy to support you and a great cause! XOXO THE Lipkin Family

  • Alan Levine

    Happy to support the cause and the work towards a cure!

  • Regina Cariddi

    Connor and Julia, keep up these amazing efforts to bring awareness and to fuel advancements in blood cancer treatments. We are so happy to support your campaign. The Cariddi Family

  • Edward Straub

    We love you Shannon, Connor and Julia!

  • Mariana Janela

    Beautiful job, Julia and Connor. Sending much love to Shannon and Coach Freeman. Also sending prayers to the Almgren Family. You are in our thoughts.

  • Jared Bell

    Davisson Family an inspiration to all. Also in memory to Robbie #12

  • Meyerowitz Family

    So proud of you Julia #12 forever

  • Danshu Lee

    Stay strong Shannon!! I am thinking of you!

  • Camille Ferrell

    Sending you blessings for recovery and health.

  • Catherine Du Puy

    Connor and Julia, I am a colleague of your Grandmother Sheila Straub and am making this donation with hope and love for her and your mother. They are very, very proud of you.

  • The Sanchez Family

    In loving memory of Robbie Almgren and sending love and support to Shannon and Tim.

  • Mike and Linda Carruthers

    Good luck with your fundraising campaign!

  • Chris Agnelli & Mike Costello

    Connor & Julia - thank you for all of your dedication to this incredibly worthy cause! We send our love, strength, and support to your mom and your whole family.

  • Lipkin Family

    Incredible work for a great cause!

  • rachel freedberg

    You got this Shannon - Xo Rachel Freedberg

  • Diane Tague Peterson

    Just love Ed and Sheila. Sending good thoughts to your family and best wishes on your fundraising efforts!

  • michael rowe / KAR

    We cannot share your pain enough, with all condolences. All of us at KAR and the Rowes.

  • Celeste and Bill Williams

    With our support, we send you strength and hope.

  • Andrew Arsiotis

    Kudos to Sophie Zangara and all her classmates for taking up such a meaningful cause and making a difference!

  • Melissa & Paul Lacroix

    For the Team Blood Bound Campaign for Connor and Julia Davisson

  • The Dwyer Family

    It’s wonderful what you are all doing! In honor of Robbie. Love, The Dwyer Family

  • Kat Carlo

    Thank you for doing this!

  • The Wittenberg Family

    Thank you for helping to find the cure.

  • Paula Browne

    Dear Connor and Julia, Here's hoping that this campaign pays off and cures your mom, Shannon. Much love, Paula

  • Kelly Marshall

    Hugs and warm wishes of comfort to those battling this disease. Hopefully a cure can be found soon. Best of luck in your donation collection. Dan and Kelly Marshall

  • The Gerstel Family

    God Bless You.

  • The DeLoca Family

    Bravo Connor and Julia you are an inspiration to all those fighting Cancer especially your mom and Tim. What a beautiful tribute to them and to Robbie. With Love, Julie, Matt Ray and Olivia DeLoca

  • Susan Blair

    Shannon, Brad nd I are happy to support Team Blood Bound and wish you and all cancer patients and survivors good health. Susie and Brad Blair, Columbus, Ohio

  • The Capone Family

    Awesome guys

  • David Wiesel

    I hope for a speedy recovery!

  • Nancy Wohlbruck

    What a moving and meaningful tribute. Good luck team BloodBound! Way to go! Wohlbruck family

  • Skolnick Family

    In memory of Robbie Almgren. A wonderful young man who will be truly missed.

  • Shinbrot Family

    Rich, We wish you Shannon and the entire Davisson Family only The Best.

  • Davison Family

    Well done Connor and Julia! Shannon you have our love and support!

  • Bery Family

    It is a tough battle, but Kudos to both of you for starting this effort Wishing Shannon the best..

  • Deborah Zitomer

    In honor of my student Julia Davisson for the great work she has untaken to help her loved ones, as well as many others who are fighting these illnesses.

  • Your Friends at Pratt Paper (NY), Inc.

    To the Almgren Family: In memory of your son and brother, Robbie. From your loving friends and coworkers at Pratt Paper (NY), Inc.

  • The Weiner Family

    Go Julioa and Connor!

  • The Zucker Family

    In memory of Robbie Almgren and in honor of all cancer warriors. With love from the Zucker Family.

  • Jennifer Slate

    Sheila has always supported us - now we are honored to support her and her family.

  • Seadie Family

    In memory of Robbie Almgren. Sending you blessings for a speedy recovery.

  • Annette Kuss

    Good luck Julia and Connor as you work to raise money for this great cause. We wish you all the best. Steve and Annette Kuss

  • Ann Brennan

    With love and support to the Davisson and Straub families! Annie Brennan

  • paul carroll

    Shannon, Say prayers for you everyday before I head out to face the world. Wishing you a safe and healthy recovery...stay strong! Paul Carroll

  • The Clubb Family

    Good Luck on your mission. Happy to support your cause. The Clubb Family

  • AJ and Mary Myers

    We support you in this jpath to wellness. You are in our daily prayers. AJ and Mary Myers

  • The Miller Family

    Good luck!! We're soo proud of you! XOXO Tricia, Jason, Riley, Chase and Harlow Miller

  • John Morrow and Lynne Lampl

    This is a wonderful way to honor your mother and support the work to find a cure, you are both awesome. Our thoughts are with your family.

  • The Wailgums

    Good luck with your fundraising!

  • Don & Paula English

    I am happy to support such a worthy cause. I hope we can find a cure for this in our lifetime! Don & Paula English

  • The Kanters

    I’m loving memory of Robbie Almgren #12 will always be in our hearts. In honor of Shannon and the Davidson family and Jackie and the Gonella family. ❌⭕️🙏 The Kanters

  • McBoyle Family

    So proud of you! All our love-

  • Fred and Linda Reister

    We love you beautiful Shannon!

  • Brian Sullivan

    Giving all of our love and support to Shannon, Tim & Robbie. Team Blood Bound, you’ve got this.

  • Peter and Janet Halliday

    Our love to all of you. Janet and Pete Halliday

  • The Araten Family

    What amazing work you are doing Connor and Julia!

  • Cheryl Becker

    Team Blood Bound

  • The Knechtel Family

    The Knechtel Family

  • Frank Reed

    Dear Shannon, Your Dad has told me about your blood cancer. It has been a long time since your days on the Bexley pool swim team, but you obviously have a lot of friends and family that care greatly about you, and it is great of your kids, your husband, and your parents to support you. I had an Aunt who graduated from Bexley and died of blood cancer at the age of 72. Good luck in your fundraising. We are happy to make a donation in your name. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Frank & Frances Reed

  • Sloane Skolnik

    In loving memory of my friend Robbie Almgren and in support of Shannon. Great work team Blood Bound! -Aaron Skolnik

  • Robert and Carolyn Peterson

    Happy to support a great cause for a wonderful family. Bob and Carolyn Peterson

  • Samantha DeBlasi

    What a wonderful cause! Great work Connor and Julia!

  • David Ganor

    Good cause, happy to support

  • Peggy, Andy & Elizabeth Drumm

    We are so proud of you and your efforts! Keeping you all in our prayers! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Randi Rievman

    Also fundraising in honor of Shannon Davidson

  • Lorry Hill

    Cheers to Shannon, Julia & Connor

  • Linda and Eric Osserman

    Our prayers are with you!

  • Cynthia Tratnyek

    We are happy to support this wonderful cause.

  • Mitch & Kathy Fries

    Keep up the good fight, Shannon. I love that your kids are made of the same great determination that you are. Mitch and Kathy Fries

  • Mark Duffy

    Great job Connor and Julia!

  • The Klein Family

    What an important cause and amazing effort, Connor and Julia! Much love and strength to the entire Davisson family.

  • Jeffrey Copeland

    Congratulations to Team Blood Bound for your hard work in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Jeff and Lorie Copeland

  • heidi brown

    keep up the good work

  • The Grapkowski family

    So proud of Julia and Connor, proud to support a great cause, and thinking of Shannon and all those affected.

  • Jonathan Wilk

    For Shannon and Robbie and all of those people impacted by Leukemia and Lymphoma. Keep fighting Team Shannon.


    Donated by Scott, Mya, Jazzy, Charleigh Maries. Good luck with the fund raise, we hope to see you in the summer.

  • Kiyana N. Richardson

    Much love and support to my JLOSH sister, Shannon. You are raising such amazing children - and you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Jonathan Mugler

    Shannon - seeing your children on this page was so inspiring. We know you will win your battle and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this personal and changing the lives of others. Good will come from your efforts. The Muglers

  • Susan wasserberger

    Good luck with your fundraising efforts

  • Thomas Shooltz

    Shannon Davisson

  • Dorothy Davisson

    It is a wonderful idea to help. I hope you will raise the money quickly!

  • The Powar Family

    Inspiring work!

  • Scott Wiatrak

    This is such a great way to support the cause.

  • Almgren family

    Fight on Shannon,great job Kids! The Almgrens

  • Emily Friend

    Go Team Blood Bound

  • Kumi Dalton

    In honor of Shannon and Tim & in memory of Robbie. With love, the Dalton family

  • Sarah Binder

    We are happy to support your healing efforts benefitting us all!

  • Repka Family

    Go Team Bloodbound! Repka Family

  • Tarnow Family

    Stay Strong! The Tarnow Family

  • Daniel P Lacey

    Good Luck, Ed. Your daughter is in my prayers.

  • Anonymous

    This is an amazing initiative. Wish all the Davissons good health and happiness. -- Sujatha and Sanjay Balan

  • Paul and Luly

    We love the Davisson’s. Many blessings Shannon.

  • The Lawler Family

    Great job Connor and Julia!

  • Jennifer and Bruce Patterson

    Continued prayers and positivity for this beautiful family!

  • Mischel Family

    Shannon, your kids are amazing, and you are one tough lady, keep fighting. In memory of #12

  • Kacy Bonaventura

    I am friends with Sheila and want to support you all

  • Trent Blanchard

    Love you!!

  • Dominick Bria

    so proud of you my friend shannon. god bless you and your journey.

  • The Geller Family

    Praying for a cure so we do not lose anyone else to this terrible disease.

  • Carol Jee

    Way to go, Shannon! Your kids are amazing:)

  • Rocio Yermack

    Keep fighting, Shannon! You got this!

  • Sandy Shuster

    With oceans of love to you. Love, roommate.

  • The Ziance Family

    Go Connor and Julia! What a wonderful organization you are working with and in honor of your mother. Such a special family! Love, from Bexley, Ohio

  • Vicky Brunetto

    What a beautiful way to honor your mother! Prayers and hugs to Shannon ❤️

  • Sheila Straub

    Love you all!! ❤️

  • The Seaman Family

    Praying for the day when no lives are lost to cancer. #12livesoninourhearts

  • Tamara Pawlak

    Lynne Kuper reached out to me-great good luck!

  • Linda and Richard Carchia

    Julia and Connor- outstanding work to help our world cure cancer. We are all grateful for your fundraising efforts and pray for those suffering and to find a cure. God bless all of you 💗praying for Shannon. Love, the Carchia family In loving memory of Peter’s Falcon and Allstar teammate Robbie Almgren

  • The Osten Family

    Thinking of you guys and this wonderful young man.

  • Steve & Beth Herbst

    Well done Connor & Julia! We are happy to donate! The Herbst Family

  • William Wickham

    In Honor of Sheila and Ed Straub

  • The Grossman family

    Happy to contribute to this very worthy cause! 😘

  • Rubin Family

    Sending our love to the Davisson Family, Bryon, Jessica, Max and Noalee Rubin

  • nadege nicoll

    What a touching and wonderful thing you are doing. Wishing you and family much strength.

  • Courtney Klatt

    You've got this Shannon.

  • The First Family

    Dear Shannon and Davisson Family: We wish you well on your journey. I am sure you know there is an entire community of support. We are friends of Ed and Sheila in Bexley, and we will be there for them while they support you. Much Love, Larry, Joan and the First Family

  • Robin Holderman

    Good luck Shannon!

  • Doug Bender

    Good luck on your fundraising campaign Connor and Julia! You're doing great work!

  • Marcia Sandford

    Great work Connor and Julia! You're doing an amazing job for a worthy cause!

  • Misrach Family

    Thanks Dani for working for this cause!

  • The Brandt/Popolow Family

    I'm donating to support Team Blood Bound in the fight against blood cancers.

  • irene Cantwell

    You are helping a lot of people and families with this fund raiser. Every donation is a step forward in the fight against cancer.

  • Don Anderson

    Best of luck! You got this!

  • Justine Huang & Family

    So proud of your kids.

  • Bradley Horn

    Good luck with your fundraiser, and best wishes for your mother's treatment.

  • Heidi Cohen

    Keep up the fight!

  • Phyllis Rabinowitz

    Such a wonderful thing your children are doing in your honor! Sending lots of good things the Davidson way All our best The Rabinowitz Family

  • Claudia McIntyre

    Best of luck reaching your fundraising goal! You should be very proud of all your efforts! Such an important cause!

  • Bernardine Wu & Mae Maddox

    From: Mae Maddox & Bernardine Wu

  • Amanda & Tom Greene

    Good luck with your fundraising efforts!! Amanda & Tom Greene

  • Jodi and Sydney Rosenberg


  • The Pangilinan Family

    Thank you Connor and Julia for all you are doing to help Cancel Cancer. So honored to support your campaign.

  • Kendall Warsaw

    In honor of Shannon and her amazing family and to the all of the great people at LLS for their hard work.

  • The Lefkort Family

    In memory of #12 Robbie Almgren and sending Shannon our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Skip Trachtman

    Shannon and Tim you got this. F Cancer. . Davisson kids you rock. RIP Robbie.

  • Christine Cofer

    Stay strong Shannon!

  • Susan Hailey

    Happy to donate, Mike! And thank you for the donation to Relay For Life. Let’s get rid of this terrible disease!

  • Brett Simons

    We love you guys. Thank you for all of this amazing work you are doing.

  • Shawn Straub

    Keep it going team!

  • Anita Embleton

    Let’s Cure It!

  • The Mayo Family

    Way to go Connor & Julia!

  • Sachin Jain

    Good luck on your fundraising effort and cheering for your mom! From your friendly West Hobart neighbors, Drs. Sachin & Namrata Jain

  • Joseph Zalenski

    God Bless to all of you for the good things you are doing. My best wishes and prayers to the Straub family. Sincerely, Joseph Zalenski

  • Fran Madigan

    Congrats to Julia and Connor Davisson! Great work.

  • Ronald Jordan

    Great job Connor & Julia. Good luck reaching your goal!

  • Mary Carlson

    Sending lots of love and support to an awesome family.

  • Brooke Horman

    In honor of Team Blood Bound

  • Anya and Brian Tomko

    Praying for personal strength and a cure! You will beat this!!

  • Rochelle Mazze

    Donation in honor of Lynne Kuper.

  • Mark Weinfeld

    Connor and Julia - With your help, I know your mom will beat this thing! It was my pleasure to work with you.

  • Paul & Joe Goebel

    You Rock, this is a great thing you are doing!

  • Risa Trinker

    Dear Conor and Julia - You two are amazing!!! Wishing all of the best to you and your family Risa

  • Stephen Stone

    The fight must go on to find a cure

  • Wakefield Suzy

    We are so very sorry for your unimaginable loss. And wish you peace in good memories. Mike wakefield and family

  • Karen and Nick Gates

    Keep up the fight!

  • Paul Palicki

    Thanks to the Davisson family for taking on this challenge.

  • The Chalnick Family

    Lots of love from the Chalnick Family.

  • Patricia Richtarcik

    We are very happy to contribute to your fight on Leukemia. We wish you all the best Success! The Richtarcik Family

  • Kim and David Levine

    Proud of you, Brett! Love Aunt Kim and Uncle David

  • Chris Delahunt

    Great cause. Good luck.

  • Mary Garcia

    Best Wishes to meet your goal.

  • Lori Smith

    In loving memory of those whom we have lost. Sending strength to victims and families still fighting.

  • Leigh Ann Murduca


  • Sara August

    So proud of your efforts!

  • Michael Popolow

    As a retired physician, I've seen many wonderful advances in treating a variety of cancers. KEEP IT UP!

  • Elizabeth Miller

    Dear Connor and Julia, Your active involvement in this fundraising is moving and inspirational. We wish all the best to your Mom as she continues her LLS journey. Warm regards, Randy and Libby Miller

  • Adam & Amanda Stein

    Great cause and incredible efforts. #12

  • Jane Sottosanti

    You are doing amazing work for your mom, Connor and Julia. Prayers and best wishes for your family and Shannon’s continued good health.

  • Mary Crall

    Praying for all the best for Shannan and the Straub family.

  • susanne bean

    Connor and Julia- Wishing you HUGE success in this funraising effort and in bringing awareness to the community. Thank you for taking the lead on on this cause. The Bean Family

  • Luette Kanas

    Inspirational support for your Mom and family. I think the world of your Dad and admire so much how you have chosen to engage and be part of this journey... much success wished for you on your campaign.

  • Laurie & Bob Onda

    What an amazing family! Thoughts and prayers continue for Shannon and for Connor and Julia’s efforts. Bob & Laurie Onda

  • Sidney Drill

    So many people who care deeply about you all. Stay strong and keep fighting! Sending more support from the Qlik family. <3

  • Marc Benioff

    Thank you to all of our Ohana who support LLS.

  • Maria Loikith

    Great work, Connor and Julia! Thinking about you and your family. You are all amazing!

  • Chris Kapsaroff

    Best wishes and thank you for all your efforts.

  • The Linczyc Family

    We wish Shannon the best of health and strength throughout this journey.

  • The Witty Family

    Families like yours deserve to of luck in achieving all your goals. RIP #12 Robbie Almgren, you will be forever missed. The Witty Family

  • David Porter

    Keep fighting..great thing coming ahead in the battle

  • Peter Gibson

    Rich - saw the linked in video done by your kids. Very well done and sorry to hear of your wife’s struggle.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing your story and bringing awareness to this. My heart goes out to you and your loved ones. I hope this will help further the research needed to provide a bright recovery for those battling this.

  • Pam Hackett

    Connor & Julia this is a wonderful idea for your mother!!!

  • The DeCillis Family

    Wishing you much love and strength!! We know you will beat this Shannon! Xo, The DeCillis Family

  • Steve Breslow

    Peace & Love. Thanks to the wonderful students of Math Analysis 2021 for keeping their friends/families in their hearts.

  • Karen and Jim Pierce

    Best of luck with this admirable and heartfelt fundraiser!

  • Richard & Audrey Shoglow

    We commend what you both are doing to help everyone diagnosed with this disease.

  • Mary Kay Wojtylak

    What a nice thing you are doing for your Mom and others who are also suffering from this illness. My prayers are with her.

  • Jennifer Cicenia

    Your drive is inspirational. Keep up the hard work!

  • Sapna Shah

    I know you will beat this Shannon! I remember my fierce and competitive tennis partner! 💕

  • Kathy Viggiano

    Stay strong and keep fighting Shannon! You got this!

  • Barbara Colrick

    To a great family with warm wishes and prayers

  • Sean P McBride

    Shannon, fight on. LLS is a great organization and we are happy to support you in your journey to defeating this ugly disease. God bless and Godspeed.

  • Rachel, Jeff, Jason and Daniel Greenberg

    What an incredible campaign this is for such an important cause to enable more research of this horrible disease. Thank you for your dedication and commitment and we are proud to be part of the effort. Rachel, Jeff, Jason and Daniel Greenberg

  • Thomas Kade

    Good luck, Team Blood Bound.

  • The Callahan Family

    We are so incredibly impressed by your efforts, Connor and Julia.

  • The Mansfield Family

    Sending love and support. Stay strong Shannon! The Mansfield Family

  • Danielle Prieto

    Keep up the fight my friend. My money is on you. You are one of the bravest , most resilient people I know.

  • Joseph and Penelope Kernen

    Wishing all of you much love!

  • Vanessa Lew

    What a wonderful tribute to support mom & everyone who is still fighting❤️🤞🙏

  • The Alpert Family

    Team Blood Bound

  • Suzanne Pierce

    You are doing a great job!

  • van Roon Family

    In memory of Robbie Almgren. Happy to support such a wonderful cause. Keep up the good work!

  • Hal Fidlow

    Shannon Davisson Short Hills, NJ..... GET WELL!

  • Nelson Family

    Shannon, I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Happy to support you, Connor and Julia in raising funds for LLS. Go Team Blood Bound!

  • David Layton

    Best wishes Shannon & Family. Sending prayers and support your way, I know you'll win this battle.

  • Minaxi and kalpen shah


  • Loretta Pharaon

    Fabulous effort! Hope you guys dominate this campaign — so proud of the Davissons - The Pharaons

  • Anonymous

    Inspiring kids!

  • Jim Blythe

    I am genuinely moved by this family's story. Rich's steady hand, Shannon's grace, bravery, and strength, and the kids! Connor and Julia are wise beyond their years and truly inspiring. Shannon, keep throwing punches! Sending thoughts and prayers your way!

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