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Meredith Hoye | Heroes of Hope

Meredith's Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Nov 13, 2023


My family has had history with cancer. My Grandma Ann had kidney cancer and died. My mom had breast cancer and survived. My sister Bethie had leukemia when she was 3. She even had to get a stem cell transplant and was in the hospital for 42 days straight  but she managed to survive. Then 2-3 years ago she was a candidate for SVoY, and a year after she was the Honored Hero for the next round of candidates. I don’t remember any of it but I’m happy Bethie survived because we both know how much we love each other. I also admire her for all she’s done and gone through. With that being said I want to continue what bethie started by  helping LLS with stopping cancer for good in honor of not just Bethie but my mom and Grandma Ann as well. Even though breast and kidney cancer aren’t leukemia they’re still a type of cancer and should be stopped as well as leukemia. Life will be better once cancer is stopped once and for all.


Visionaries look to the future—and see infinite possibility.
They challenge the status quo—and make the impossible possible.
They boldly imagine a better world – and lead the charge to create it.


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society was built on that same vision - of a better world - one without blood cancers.


I am a visionary; I have a vision for a world without cancer, but I need your help.


This year, I’m proud to be a part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Student Visionaries of the Year Campaign, working to raise as much as possible for LLS’s mission. 


As a global leader in the fight against blood cancer, LLS:

  • Funds cutting-edge research leading to breakthroughs in immunotherapy, genomics and personalized medicine that are improving and saving the lives of patients
  • Provides free education and support for blood cancer patients and families, including personalized, one-on-one support, assistance with identifying and enrolling in clinical trials, and more.
  • Mobilizes thousands of advocates to drive policy changes that accelerate the development of new cancer treatments and break down barriers to care.

Please consider joining this fight by making a donation. All donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible. Please visit my website often and tell friends who would also like to donate!


Thanks to your support, my efforts will help ensure this generation is the last to see cancer.

On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere, thank you!


For more information about LLS, please visit





  • Michele Stanton

    You are amazing and inspiring, Miss Meredith! Good luck in your quest.

  • Anonymous

    Great work!

  • Maureen McCarthy

    Meredith, I am so proud of you for doing this! This is such an important cause, and one I know is near and dear to your heart. Bethie is lucky to have you in her corner. Love, Aunt Maureen (Dad's sister)

  • Anonymous

    Good luck Meredith!!! So proud of you fighting for a good cause.

  • Barbara Mazzella

    Great job Meredith! Very proud of you and what you are doing.

  • Renee Peterkin


  • Anonymous

    Thanks your hard work Meredith. Bethie you are strong, smart and amazing. Thanks to you too Annie as all of you continue to support each other to fight cancer of all kinds.

  • Carol Fiorilli

    Meredith, You go girl!! Live Carol F

  • Amir Abayneh

    From me to the Conti family

  • Sharon Callahan

    Best wishes with an abundance of thanks for all your wonderful work!

  • Lenore Fleischer

    Keep up the good work!

  • Laura Phillips-Rehm

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Samantha Conti

    Well done Meredith! We are rooting for you. Love, Richard, Sam and Augustin.

  • Anonymous

    Go team!

  • Erin Daly

    Meredith, I am so happy to know you!

  • Richard Conti

    Well done Meredith! You are awesome! Please keep up the great work. Love, Rich and Melanie.

  • Anonymous

    Bake Sale

  • Barbara Batt


  • Deanna Sidoti/Dhyana Yoga Arts

    Wishing you a successful fundraiser for this very important cause! Sending love, healing, strength and peace for all!

  • Paul Torto

    Marco Sozio

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your help in finding a cure!

  • Emily Geiger

    Sisters are the best! :)

  • Debra Gazzuolo

    Many thanks for keeping up the fight.

  • John and Jill Vuchetich

    Way to keep the tradition going Meredith!

  • Patricia Danner

    Meredith, you are a visionary! Thank you for working hard to achieve this really important goal for your family and many others!

  • Debra Patri

    Meredith, keep up the good work! Stay sweet! Debra

  • Allison Silvers

    Thanks for your hard work Meredith (and family ;-)

  • Valerie Connolly

    Beth Hoye

  • Rick Weiss

    Best wishes to Metideth Hoye and all your efforts to support this cause.

  • Dr. Mike Mavrostomos

    Happy to contribute to your fundraiser, we hope you reach above and beyond your goal!

  • Anonymous

    Team Heroes of hope!! Meredith we love you

  • Shawna Hudson

    Good luck Meredith—this is one of my favorite cancer orgs!

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