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MadaLynn Rocha | Madalynn Rocha and Hunter Olsen Campaign Team

Welcome to Madalynn Rocha and Hunter Olson's SOY Fundraising Page!

Mar 07, 2018


Hunter and I are two teenage girls with the dream of stopping cancer in its tracks. As ambitious as our dream sounds, we can and will acomplish it with YOUR help! Being nominated for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Student of the Year is a great honor for Hunter and I. We have a personal goal of raising $50,000. This money will go toward supporting patients, their families, and funding new researches. Donating to our cause can help a family in need of saving a loved one or bring hope to a patient. Your help will bring change to cancer patients' lives. 

Many of you who see this will think, "Wow, this is a great cause. People should really support this". Then close the window and carry on with your day. And it's not your fault, unless you allow it to be. People have a tendency to assume others will help out where they don't. In psychology this is called the by-stander effect; a psychological phenomenon in which people do not help because they don't feel the responsibility to do so. But Hunter and I are here to tell you this is your responsibility. Why? Because at any moment, cancer can strike and anyone can fall victim. Help ensure that the next patient will have the best resources, medication, and support. 

If you wish to make a donation to this page please note that all donations are tax deductible! You can also write a check payable to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at 340 W. Fallbrook Ave Suite 101 Fresno CA 93711 and write Team MadaLynn and Hunter in the ‘Memo’ section. If you want to donate goods or services for auction items, sponsorships, ads, or other possible fundraising opportunities, please contact us at or . If phone is better for contacting, our numbers are (559)-288-6779 (MadaLynn) and (559)-903-6941 (Hunter). To share our message and goal, don’t hesitate to forward this email, send our fundraising website to other friends and family, and follow us on Instagram @mandhlls2018. We will post our upcoming events and much more! 

Every donation is helpful and appreciated. From Hunter, myself, every student of the year nominee, LLS, and blood cancer patients everywhere: THANK YOU!  With your help, we are one step closer to ending the battle against cancer.



  • Novena Valentine

    MADALynnnnn!!! Our community needs more people like you, less saying and more doing. Your the BEST. LOVE YA. RAWR XD !

  • Heather Dun

    Great work both of you. Hugs Heather

  • Tamara Dun

    In loving memory of our cousin lost too soon Joe Fisher. Congrats Madalynn on a being involved in such a great cause.

  • Diana Zamora

    You never cease to amaze me Madalynn!!! You and Hunter will do great things!! God bless you both!

  • Gail Fisher

    Love and miss you Joe. 7-21-78 to 2-1-2018 Love, Mom

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