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Kylie's Students of the Year Fundraiser

Apr 08, 2022

I am exited to announce that I have partnered up with WARRIOR Nolan Pedretti, our LLS honored hero, for Cupcakes for a Cause! We had an amazing afternoon with The Cupcake Lady, sharing our passion for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! Our community showed us so much support and bought LOTS of cupcakes! Meeting Nolan was a highlight for me in my student of the year journey! What an amazing little boy he is! This was definitely an experience I will never forget. ❤️


Kylie Hurd's LLS Student of the Year Letter

Dec 29, 2021

Dear Family and Friends,

I am thrilled to announce my nomination by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as a candidate for the 2022 Student of the Year campaign. I have accepted this amazing opportunity, and I will proudly be honoring my Nana, Anne Groefsema Hurd.

Watching my Nana battle Leukemia for 4 years was the hardest thing that I have ever had to go through. Although my heart shattered, my Nana’s willingness to survive and the amazing doctors at Stanford and UCSF gave her 4 more years of life. She continued to give me hope that she could beat this disease and always told me “don’t worry, be happy”. With determination, courage and ongoing strength my Nana fought and beat Leukemia. Sadly, two years ago, my Nana passed away due to the side effects from her blood cancer. Still to this day I can hear her voice in the back of my head, saying, “Hi Doll,” like she did every time she saw me. A day never goes by where I don’t think of her contagious laugh, delicious cooking, and her determination to live life to the fullest. My Nana was a true warrior in her battle every single day, giving us all a true lesson that you only live once, so leave no regrets.

Now it is my turn to fight like a warrior for the patients and families who have or are going through these awful diseases. The LLS Student of the Year campaign is a 7 week long fundraising opportunity from which all proceeds will go towards research and finding a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma. With your help, from February 24 – April 15th 2022, it is my goal to raise as much money as possible for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and honor my Nana, Anne Groefsema Hurd, with a research grant in her name.

If you would like to join my campaign and help find a cure for Leukemia, checks can be made payable to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and can be collected beginning February 24, 2022. Please note Anne’s Warriors on the check. You can send your donation to: 1350 E. Pacheco Blvd B225 Los Banos, CA 93635. All donations are tax deductible. You can also visit my website or scan the QR code, to make a donation online or to get information on my future fundraising events.

Please join me, my Pops Chris Hurd, my family and my 2022 LLS Student of the Year team as together we become Anne’s warriors. I know my Nana would be very proud of me and our community for giving back to such a special cause like LLS to help find a cure.

With Love,

Kylie Hurd




  • The Gurgens

    Great job Kylie! you are making a difference. We have lost many close family due to various forms of cancer. Let’s work to eradicate the world from these diseases. ❤️

  • Helena Agri-Enterprises, Mark Vierra

    This donation is made from Helena AGri-Enterprises. The Hurds have been customers for over 30years. I have seen Kylie Hurd grow up to be a respectful, polite, driven young lady! Hats off to her efforts. I first got to know Anne as a tenacious coach for the opposing baseball team. Boy was she tough. Later I became good friends with the boys and of course Anne & Chris. Wonderful family! My grandma passed from Lymphoma at the mature age of 93!!!!

  • Martin & Kathy McIntyre

    Very sorry we could not make the dinner as we had hoped. A great project for a great woman. Love, martin and Kathy

  • Tom and Debbie Lindemann

    So happy to donate to such a worthy cause…and We agree your Nana is very proud of you. The Tom Lindemann Family ❤️❤️❤️

  • Frank and Laurie Vierra

    Good luck with your campaign Kylie!

  • Kelly McCabe

    Such a Great cause!! Good luck to you!!

  • Alton & Danielle Beermann

    Kylie, we’re so proud of you for being a part of this campaign. we’re rooting for you to be the LLS Student of the Year! Go Anne’s Warriors!! Love you, the Beermanns

  • Clair Foster

    Kylie you are an amazing beautiful young lady! Your Nana would be so incredibly proud of you. I wish you and your team best of luck! <3

  • Andrea Calderon

    Wine Pull ??

  • Shiela and Bret Groefsema

    Thank you for doing this fundraiser! What a wonderful way to honor Nana. Love, Bret and Shiela

  • Rachel Duarte

    This is on behalf of Anne’s Warriors.

  • Mike Van Loben Sels

    In honor of Anne Hurd on behalf of Kylie’s friends.

  • Emma Little

    Kylie, you are amazing and your drive is incredible! Go Anne’s Warriors!!

  • Debbie and Chuck Martin

    Your Nana was an amazing lady. And I know she's so proud of you!!

  • Karen Yonkers

    Anne was a ray of sunshine I know she and Lee are telling jokes in heaven!

  • Steve and Shelly Barnard

    Great job Kylie. Steve and Shelly

  • Soares Family

    Kylie what a wonderful thing you’re doing! This donation is from your friends Shane Cody and Wyatt ??

  • Tom van Loben Sels

    Congratulations on your well-deserved nomination. I’m pleased to contribute to such a worthy cause. Best of luck on your fundraising.

  • Larry & Mindy Borelli

    This is an incredible thing that Kylie is doing to Honor the Memory of her Nana, Anne Hurd. We are so proud of what a great young lady she has become. Keep up the great work you are doing.

  • Gina Polini

    What an honor, Kylie!

  • Ashley & Dave Bolduc

    We love you Kylie and we're proud of you!

  • Andrea Brandt

    Wishing you a successful campaign. Your grandma was such a fun and special lady.

  • Yvette Jasso

    Anne was such a special part of my life and made a huge impact ion me both professionally and more importantly, personally.

  • Lillie Gonzales

    In memory of my friend Anne Hurd.

  • Vicki Unger

    Happy to support you in your fund raising effort. We have fond memories of your mom.

  • Derek and Blair Pasut

    Kylie, what a great way to honor our beloved warrior. I know she is with you always, and I know she is smiling from above. We are all so proud of you! Love, the Pasut Family

  • Betty & Bill Todd

    Thank you, Kylie! Your grandmother, Anne was an inspiration to us all. Betty & Bill Todd

  • Bob and Amy Poage

    Kylie, Sue has told us what a courageous young woman you are. Good luck on your nomination, and thank you for supporting such a great cause. Your Nana is very proud of you!! Bob and Amy Poage

  • Matt & Liz Chaney

    Great job Kylie!

  • Paul Workman

    We're old Cal friends of Sue (Groefsma) and Bear Jones. Great work for a great cause. Congrats!!

  • Kathy Duys

    Wonderful way to honor your Nana Kylie .. She was such an incredible person ..Anne’s “loving” East Coast Bunker twin .. Kathy Luce Duys & TIM Duys

  • Kris Pettit

    Way to go Kylie! What a great cause!!!

  • Miles and Rose Jones

    Great work Kylie! ~ Aloha Jones

  • Ila Nelson

    Great job Kylie! Lots of love to you and your family, and everyone who has been impacted by blood cancers.

  • Andrew Kirklys

    Kylie, you are an inspiring individual and you are, no doubt, making your Nana and entire family very proud.

  • Betsy Mitchell

    Kylie, Wishing you a successful campaign! Thank you for helping those fighting blood cancer.

  • Carolyn Devivo

    Kylie, Great presentation today. You were awesome!!! I am sure your NANA and your whole family and friends and community are so proud to have you in their circle. Keep that circle expanding you have amazing talents to be shared. Love Love Love to see women getting involved in Agriculture too. My daughter is also an FFA member! Way to go! Enjoy your journey!

  • Brian Farnan

    Very, very good presentation yesterday to us at MEI Pharma. Wishing you every success in your ongoing efforts and for your future efforts also. Your Nana would be extremely proud of your actions and dedication in her honour. God Bless You, Brian M. Farnan MEI Pharma (GMP Quality & Compliance Group)

  • Gino & Michelle Pedretti

    Your Grandma was an amazing person. Keep up the hard work

  • Kelly Hittesdorf

    I'm so proud of you Kylie Ann! I'm donating on behalf of my cousin, Dylan Spinelli. He passed 10 years ago at age 23 to Leukemia. He was a warrior just like your Nana. I loved him so much and he fought so hard. It makes me so sad there isn't a cure yet. Keep up the good work Kylie! You are a ROCK STAR!!

  • Kenny and Rochelle Wileman

    What an amazing accomplishment and honor to your Nana! Sending love to all the Hurds.

  • Tim & Darlene Brasil

    Best wishes on your campaign ????

  • Sheila Holt-Hiatt

    We knew your grandmother through the Wilemans. I always think of her laughing! I lost my dad to cancer a few years ago. Let's get rid of it forever! Tom and Sheila (Holt) Hiatt

  • Adorn beauty & Massage

    To my USA mom❤️ Not a day goes by that I think of you! The family and wish I had been more involved. Life is busy! You have a great family and your legacy Carrie’s on. Kylie is doing u proud! One day I hope to meet everyone! In just a few short weeks, there will be another grandson for u! Love u forever ❤️ My USA mom. Love your Aussie girl Becca ❤️❤️

  • Kevin Verlander

    Fantastic work Kylie! Keep at it!!

  • Catherine Gorey

    Thank you for raising funds to renew hope for people fighting blood cancer.

  • Diana Nagatani

    Bravo to you and your dedication to this effort, Kylie. We knew your Nana through my sister Sandy Wileman and know how proud Anne would be of you. Good luck! Diana & Gerry Nagatani

  • The Vera’s

    I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Anne for a year. What an amazing and fun lady. She always knew you would do amazing things!

  • Javier and Samantha Arroyo

    With love and support. From the Arroyo Family

  • Shelley Blackwood

    Thank you for your dedication and hard work! Cancer has Affected so many families including mine… you are a true warrior and an amazing role model to all!! Thank you!!

  • Lopes Family

    So proud of you Kylie!

  • Margarita Ordunez

    Great job, Kylie! We admire your effort and dedication to such a worthy cause.

  • Dana and Steve Onstot

    We were so sorry to lose Anne to this dreadful disease. We lost our 16 year old grandson, Patrick, to lymphoma three years ago. Too many good people are lost every year. Hopefully, all the fundraising and blood donations can help those who are traveling on this difficult journey. Thank you for carrying on Anne’s dedication to others by supporting this fundraiser. Steve and Dana Onstot

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