Student Visionaries of the Year Gold Coast

Brady Leveton | Ace Cancer

Brady's Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Feb 08, 2023

To those who don't know, my Uncle Peter was diagnosed with blood cancer on many different occasions, and while it has gone away for years at a time, it has continued to come back. Peter has coached me in baseball ever since I was 4 years old! He has taught me everything I possibly know about the sport I love. Even with his background as a former UCLA pitcher, my stubborn self found a way to make things difficult on him! Even with him having cancer for over half of the time he coached me, he still showed up to every practice and game with a smile on his face ready to win. Now, Peter is in complete remission after receiving a new treatment which was researched by LLS.


My Uncle Peter is one of the many reasons I fight to find the cure. When Peter had cancer the first time, I was too young to truly understand the impact it had on him. Now, being 15 years old and understanding the true impact cancer has on someone, and on their family, I want to make a diffrence, but I can't do it alone. One day, I want their to be a life where one of the many worries people have is not cancer, and I believe this dream can become a reality. With the help of your donation, you can help the fund the research for a cure for cancer and end the harm it could cause on yourself, your friends, and your loved ones.