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Vedant Khadiya | Team The Lysol to Leukemia

Vedant's Students of the Year Fundraiser

Feb 16, 2022

Welcome To My Fundraising Page.


I am Vedant Khadiya(son of Ritu and Manish Khadiya) and I am very excited to announce that I have been nominated as a candidate for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Students of the Year campaign. Thursday, February 17th is the official kick off for my 7 week journey to help find a cure for cancer. The Lysol to Leukemia, my fundraising team, and I have great hope for this cause. Together, with your help and support, we are looking forward to raising funds for this great organization. 

I picked “SPRAY IT” as our motto to send a message to all people affected by cancer, to give them hope in our near future of being the disinfectant equivalent to cancer and finding a cure. It is our goal to raise as much money as possible between now and April 8th.

For me, this is about beating cancer. I am doing this because cancer can ruin families and take people away from us even though they don’t want to. My friend has 2 grandparents with cancer and he has already lost one. I too have lost a grandparent, the one closest to me in fact and it does not feel good. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fights cancer and helps make sure that others don’t suffer the heartbreak of losing a family member to cancer. Another person I would like to mention is Pierce Kelly. Pierce of “Fierce Pierce” as he is known, had cancer and underwent dozens of surgeries and operations, including a bone marrow transplant that saved his life. He beat cancer before he was 6 and now his life is full of happiness. We are trying to create more stories like Pierce and that is why I am doing this.  

None of this is fair and needs to STOP. The suffering needs to END. This is why the effective research that LLS is able to do is so important. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is truly changing the face of cancer and research. The survival rate of researched blood cancers has more than doubled. My 7-week campaign will give LLS the opportunity to continue fighting this disease. I cannot do this alone, I need your help. You can help out by donating by inviting your friends, family and everyone in your networks to join us by making a donation. Aside from donations, we would love to hear from you or someone you know who would be willing to donate goods or services for auction items, and sponsorships, for our Grand Finale on Friday, April 8th, or other possible fundraising opportunities. Please note: your donations are tax deductible. Large or small, your contribution to this worthy effort will be greatly appreciated.


Please help us SPRAY IT and make a difference against cancer!


Vedant Khadiya




  • William Koehnen

    Good luck Vedant!!! Coach Bill

  • Saneymi Handcrafted Accessories

    What a great cause! Way to go Vedant

  • Melanie Sunga

    This is awesome Vedant!

  • Trupti Mahajan

    Dear mom, this is a small step to help towards the holy cause. Trying to follow the path that you & dad always believed & followed…

  • Suvarna Hosangadi

    Great job Vedant!!

  • Knock On Wood Custom Wood Works

    Well done Vedant!

  • Ananya Jayakumar

    Lead by doing good things :) all the best and thank you for the effort

  • Jason Shelton

    Good job making a difference! From Jason, Giancarlo, and Elsa

  • Jubi Taneja

    Thank you for your hard work and initiatives, Vedant! Praying for good health and happy life for everyone.

  • RM Taxes & Business Solutions

    Great Job Vedant so proud of you!

  • Absolute Diesel Techniques

    Way to go Vedant!!!

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