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Jan 10, 2020

Hello! Thank you for visiting my LLS Student of the Year fundraising page. My name is Ella Vitti and I am honored to be a candidate for the Coast 2 Coast Cures team, along side my fellow candidates: Sammy Field and Lauren Yeung. Student of the Year is a 7 week long campaign where different teams of high schoolers compete to raise the most money for blood cancers, with the main purpose of spreading the word and helping patients in need. I am a Sophomore and I attend Arcadia High School. I spend most of my free time at yoga, dance or playing tennis. Alongside a few of my friends I started and I am one of the presidents of a club at my school that helps the homeless by giving out bags filled with helpful supplies. I also did a program where I volunteered at the Humane Society which is an organization that cares for animals in need, this was an amazing experience! I am very engaged in my community and want to do anything I can to help. LLS is an amazing organization that saves lives every minute. It is the largest nonprofit dedicated to creating a world without blood cancers. Since 1949, LLS has invested nearly $1.3 billion in groundbreaking research, pioneering many of today’s most innovative approaches. By donating you will not only be funding research and care for patients, but also be supporting families that are going through this heart breaking experience. The main reason I am partaking in this life changing experience is because my grandpa was diagnosed with Lymphoma years ago and luckily survived it and my great aunt died from Leukemia. These were both horrible tragedies and showed me how blood cancer affects lives. Anything you donate will help and make a huge difference!



  • Pickett Family

    Way to give back Ella Vitti! Hope you win thus award! Much deserving!

  • Renee Krug

    Ella - this is a important cause that has effected so many lives including my father. Thank you for taking a proactive role in this.

  • Suzanne Vitti

    So proud of you all??????

  • Bill and Jen Vitti

    Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put in to this cause - we look forward to cures for these diseases. You are making a difference! Hope you meet your goal......❀️

  • Heidi Stiteler

    What a wonderful cause Ella! I’m so proud of you and your team for making a huge impact in finding a cure!

  • Phil Yates

    Congrats on your great work!

  • Linda LaNoue

    Supporting Ella Vitti and her amazing efforts to benefit others!

  • Amy Adkins

    Way to go Girls!

  • Nina McFarland

    So happy I could be involved <3

  • Andrea Stegman

    Way to go girls!!

  • Rachel Bart

    Thank you for this! I hope they find a cure soon . Losing my dad to leukemia was heartbreaking. Such a wonderful cause .

  • David Wendt

    In support of my God Daughter Ella Vitti & All the good work Ella an her classmates are doing to Help this Terrible Disease an to support those in need.

  • Joshua Main

    Rest In Peace Dad and mom you are an incredible survivor!

  • William Wagoner

    You have chosen a great cause. I hope you reach your goal!

  • Stephanie Briguglio

    Well done Ella! Keep up the meaningful and impactful work!

  • Victoria Roberts

    Go Ella!! ??

  • Judith LaNoue

    So proud of Ella Vitti and her friends to take on this venture for such a wonderful and Meaning for cause to our family.. Love, Grandma LaNoue

  • Pippa Kinloch

    In Colorado!

  • Ron Kos

    Best of luck. The Kos Family from Hawaii.

  • Mike & Jewel LaNoue

    Our sister died of leukemia in 1970. She would have been the 4th bone marrow recipient in the US but got pneumonia,a complication of her leukemia. Not a day goes by when I don’t remember her beautiful smile!

  • Chris Snedeker

    From South Carolina

  • Christina Biagioli Chapman

    So proud of you Ella! Love you!

  • Gerald Castaldo

    Happy to support a great cause and a wonderful organization - thank you Ella for leading the effort!

  • Matt Stobaugh

    Ella Vitti

  • Brian Malloy

    Go Ella

  • Joseph S.


  • John Roediger

    Good for all of you to raise money for such a cause. Never give up!!!

  • Charles Snedeker

    South Carolina

  • Kori Koskie

    What a great cause. Good luck!

  • Helen Balmforth

    Good luck Ella. I am impressed with your efforts, keep up the good work! Helen Rowe-Balmforth

  • Aunt Patty and Uncle Joe

    We are so proud of you, Ella Vitti! You are a fabulous human!!!

  • David Dolan

    Great work Ella!

  • Steven Gibson

    From Darcie and Steve. Great work Ella!

  • Thomas LaNoue

    Fantastic work you are doing Ella! Love, Uncle Tom and Aunt Sharon

  • Anthony Arrington

    Continue to do big things

  • lori clarke

    Ella Vitti your efforts and spirit capture my heart. Thanks for all you do!!!! Lori CπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

  • Shelby Butterfield

    Way to go Ella and team. Love, Shelby, Bailey and Jack Buttefield

  • Leyan Ammar

    Good Luck, Ella!

  • Ben Schuchart

    Keep it going!!

  • Stacy Thomas

    Ella, great job doing this amazing work for others!

  • Kate Murphy


  • Robin Orscheln

    Great job being for others! ❀️

  • Leon Gavartin

    This is a great cause. I do a charity walk for this cause annually. Best of luck!

  • Phoebe Fox

    Way to go Ella! Keep up the awesome work you’re doing!

  • Jules Millard

    Adorable Ella, you are a gift πŸ’ & such an inspiration with your heart of gold πŸ’•♥️❣️I am praying like crazy your goal gets crushed w/ miraculous donations tonight! Xo πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»♥️

  • Shay Kos

    Way to pay it forward! Best of luck to you Ella- although you’re already a winner and have helped so many less fortunate! Congratulations.

  • Karla Edwards

    Good luck Ella! I hope you reach your goal!

  • Gabrielle Sulc

    Congratulations on this endeavor!

  • Joseph Arndt

    My father was treated for and overcame lymphoma. We really appreciate the advances that have been made in this area.

  • Steve Smith

    Awesome work Ella.

  • Larry Essig

    Way to go Ella!! You are so amazing young woman, and because of that I'm proud to help you reach your goal in fighting this disease. God bless.

  • Darcie Layne

    Our donation is to honor Ella’s grandfather, Bill Vitti. For his strength, determination, and faith.

  • Margaret Clinton

    Go Ella. Well done.

  • Kimberly Jacobse


  • Jeff Witt

    Thank you for doing this!!

  • Robert Farrell

    Thanks for your hard work for such a good cause.

  • Gregory Scott

    Hope this small contribution will help you reach your goal for such a worthy cause! Good work!

  • Toni Scherle

    Way to go Ella!! You have my vote any day even though we’ve never met. Bless you and all that your doing. Toni

  • Shelley Hubbard

    Go luck Ella!!

  • Terri Mazaheri

    Thank you Ellie for shining your light and using your talents to help others! I'm so proud of you and grateful for your heart.

  • Kathy Mabry

    Good luck Ella!

  • Matt Feeney

    Go, Ella! Great work! The Feeneys

  • Jim Becker

    Great cause and GOD bless...

  • Erica Ehlo

    You’re awesome Ella, keep shining bright babe!

  • Cindy Golding

    Well done, congratulations!

  • Gerardo Morales

    Great work!

  • James Vrtis

    Great job Ella!

  • Roy Luo

    Ella + Bill - what a wonderful cause! Hope this donation helps you get there!

  • Elisha Wirth

    Proud of you Ella!!

  • Diane Bolden

    Thanks Ella for helping to raise money for this very worthwhile cause!

  • Perry Pinto

    Good luck Ella!

  • Django Vitti ?? ??

    Your dog 🐢 loves you ❀️ and is so proud

  • Jim Acho

    Way to go, Ella! Great cause.



  • Linda and Dan Whitaker

    Way to go! We’re proud to help out in memory of Clare! πŸ’• Love you Ella!

  • Judith LaNoue

    Way to go Ella Vitti! I’m so proud of you and I’m sure aunt Linda would be proud of you also. Shortly before she passed away she was trying to collect money for this charity with her sorority at Wayne State University! Your kind heart and energy remind me so much of Linda LaNoue!

  • Pam & Randy Knowles

    Ella (&friends)We’re so proud of the work you are doing to raise money for this important cause.

  • Heather Dillon

    Great job Ella!

  • Donna Kirk

    Good luck Ella!

  • The Brignacs

    Well done Ella to be so kind and thoughtful in helping find a cure. The Brignacs

  • Jenna Whitaker

    Such a good cause! So proud of you Ella!

  • O'Donovan Family

    Happy to support your team and this great cause. You girls got this!

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