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Jan 03, 2020

Hello my name is Mia Waxman! I am 16 years old and recovering from a bone marrow transplant which took place November 27th, 2018. Let me start off by saying 2018 was the hardest year of my life. I was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia the summer of 2018. During my treatment, I was in and out of the hospital for weeks at a time. It was a long, stressful, and painful time, and I am beyond grateful to be done. 


When you’re in the hospital you have a lot of time to think and reflect, and I spent that time dreaming up ways to help other kids in the same position as me. It can be tough to take action from a hospital bed, but I found a way to explore my passion and support my cause through my art. I started my own company, Miracles in Art (MIA), to make custom clothing, and donated 30% of the money I made to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. My art allowed me to give back to the amazing community that helped save my life, but I don’t plan on stopping there. This is why I am super excited to join the SOY program and start putting more miracles into action.


What is the SOY program you ask? Students of the Year is a philanthropic leadership development program during which students foster professional skills such as entrepreneurship, marketing, and project management in order to raise funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). I am so grateful and honored to be a candidate for this competition especially because during my treatment LLS directly helped me and my family. My main goal is raising as much money as I can to help this incredible organization help other kids and families in need.


As part of the SOY program there is an additional bonus of having a chance to win a $2,500 scholarship for college. When I was in the hospital, I didn’t know if I would be able to attend college. Now that I am home and healthy, I can’t wait for the opportunity to achieve my goal of becoming an oncology pediatric nurse. I want to be one of the amazing people that helps kids like me every day, and this scholarship would go a long way in helping me achieve that goal.


We need to find a cure for cancer. In order to do that we need money and a lot of it. In the past 40 years there have only been 4 new approved cancer treatments for kids. Why? Money! This fundraiser will bring in money for patients battling cancer as well as kids who have made it to remission and their families. It will also help with research funding. I pray one day we will find a cure for this horrible disease. However, I can’t be the only one. Help make cancer become a curable disease faster and donate today.

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  • Anonymous

    Good luck Mia and thank you for doing this!

  • Susan Morris

    I respect Mia's ability to overcome her struggle and emerge with grace and poise, ready and willing to help others.

  • Ronald Scott

    It's fantastic that you have taken on this challenge. The world needs a few more Mia's in it. Love from your Colorado family.

  • Steve & Rilee Sauer

    Yeah Mia!!

  • cathy and joe jankovic

    Mia - we are so proud of you. You stayed strong and fought during your difficult journey - you won! You didn't let cancer take you down.

  • Mensch Family

    You are an amazing person! This is a very important fund raiser! Love The Mensch Family

  • Decious

    This is awesome! So grateful to God for healing you and so wonderful to see you dancing and doing all you can to help others. God bless you, Mia!

  • Kenneth Walter


  • Nadia Smith

    I would like to dedicate my donation in the honor of my mother who has been diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (a type of brain cancer). I admire the courage of all cancer patients and especially that of Mia Waxman, who is turning her battle with cancer into an opportunity to provide others with hope and support.

  • Carrie Norris

    Thank you for your continued dedication to finding a cure!

  • Harry Wolfe

    Thanks for your supporting such a worthy cause. You beat cancer and want others to be able to do the same.

  • Rebecca Goodman

    Reach for the stars and be the best you can be today and always! Love, The Goodman Family

  • Soroush Farzin

    Great job kicking cancer's butt, and remarkable leadership on raising awareness about this terrible disease. Mia, you're truly an inspiration! -Soroush

  • Dan Tyre

    Go, Mia Waxman, Go - thanks for doing great things in the universe.

  • Shad Waldron

    We love you Mia Waxman

  • Jill Zimmerman

    Way to go, Mia - your strength and fight is so inspirational. We want to support you and your family however we can. Best of luck with this program and keep up the great work!

  • Stephani Kuperschmid

    Mia - Team Kuperschmid loves and supports you! Daniel, Stephani, Sierra, and Bohlen.

  • Roshani Dubel

    Thank you for helping raise awareness about cancer in our youth population.

  • Denise Pruitt

    Good Luck reaching your goal and bless you for your efforts to help others on their journey to healing and recovery!

  • Kristen DiIullo

    Good Luck with the fundraising Mia! Keep up the fight!

  • Kevin and Ellen Allen

    Keep up the great work Mia!

  • Tonia Jones

    You are a princess warrior and your story will touch many lives and change the world. May you continue to thrive and fight forward.

  • Jamie Hammonds

    You are the best Miss Mia! Keep shining your light 💜

  • Bennett & Michell

    Mia - You are an amazing lady supporting others in their fight against cancer. You will make a great Nurse, keep chasing your dreams, turning them into reality. Congratulations on your Art Business and supporting Phx Children's Hospital. Bennett, Michell, Rebecca & Debora

  • Zarah Adia (Lisa Yates)

    Love and blessings Mia

  • Kley Feitosa

    Happy to help, from Seoul, Korea - Feitosa Family

  • Bob & Debbie

    Dear Mia, thank you for sharing this wonderful cause with us and letting us help you reach your goals. We are so happy you are feeling better. All the best! Bob and Debbie Bernstein

  • Nicole Ubrig

    Good luck with your fundraising Mia!

  • David Cosmas

    Mia- your story is inspiring, and your drive to help others is truly beautiful. Keep up the great work! The Cosmas family David, Toni, Ashten and Sean

  • Jeff Scult

    Mia you are an inspiration of perseverance, resolve and positivity. I had a dear friend who just succumbed to cancer at 35 and she reminds me of you. As my mother once said, “treat this moment as once in a lifetime opportunity.” You are the embodiment of that. 💜 jeff scult

  • Anonymous

    Mia Waxman

  • Anonymous

    Mia, you are a true inspiration! It has been an incredible blessing to not only watch you fight for your life with such grace, but to then witness you fight so passionately for others!!! You will undoubtedly continue to make a huge difference in this world!

  • Ricki Lake

    Way to go Mia! You inspire me! ❤️

  • Rebecca Brown

    Love and support you Mia xoxo

  • davida guse

    Happy to have met you and think you are GREAT!!!

  • Sara Santibanez

    We are so proud of you Mia!

  • Marci

    I am so proud of all the work you have done, Mia! Love you!

  • Mallory Gould

    Love you Mia!

  • Marisa Maggio-Harelson

    Dear Mia, Thank you for your valiant effort to help raise awareness and funds needed so desperately to find a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma in our youth. I honor you. Love, Marisa, Scott, Haley and Grayson Harelson

  • Max Waxman

    Keep up the great work Mia! Love you! Max

  • Gail Brown

    Love you Mia

  • Zane Waxman

    Keep it up MIA!!!

  • Margo Ingram

    Go Mia!!!!!

  • Michell Brown

    It's my honor to support you, Mia Waxman! You are amazing!

  • Anrianna Lopez

    So proud of you!

  • Nikole Turken

    Go get it Mia!!!

  • Bennett

    GO Mia

  • Andrea Connor

    Go, Mia!

  • Anonymous

    For bravery, integrity and determination!!

  • Kevin Burg

    So proud to support you and your work, Mia :)

  • Jonathan Hall

    Mia Waxman is a true inspiration to the Bioscience community. We stand by and support you in your endeavors! Go Mia!!!

  • Kris Kollasch

    Mia, Your strength, beauty and grace are an inspiration. You are a true Rock Star...the kind legends are made of! Wishing you only good things!!!CHEERS! Kris & Laurie

  • Hollian Martin

    Good luck!

  • Howard Fleischmann

    Congratulations on your fight and Thank You for fighting for others.

  • Diana Nashban

    My father, Dr. Avery A. Sandberg(OBM), dedicated his life to cancer research. Therefore, I donate in his memory and honor.

  • Marc and Cheri Kates

    Great work Mia. Marc and Cheri Kates

  • Dedinsky

    Excellent cause -- Wonderful inspirational video, Mia. Brian Dedinsky MD

  • Liz McKinnon

    I am happy to support your fundraiser, Mia! My brother has non-Hodgkins lymphpona, so this is a cause close to my heart. Wishing you all the best in reaching your goals!

  • Roger and Gail Brown

    You are an inspiration to anybody who encounters the challenge to fight through physical pain and mental anguish.

  • Marcia Kennedy

    Marcie and I (Alba - Patty’s violin student) are incredibly proud of you and happy you are doing well. We are inspired by your courage and desire to help others.

  • Tyler Kaufman

    You’re strong

  • Gordon Sims

    Wishing you great success and thanking your for inspiring me and countless others. I love your family, they've always been of great support to me and organizations that I work with. Thank you, Mia!

  • The Krilow Family

    You are an Inspiration, Mia! Good luck on your crusade! -The Krilow family

  • Stacey Ferreira

    Mia...You're amazing!! Heard about you and your story through Dan Tyre. You are so strong and have such a bright future ahead. Rooting for you and all the good you've done, are doing and will do in this world!!

  • Eileen Hemingway

    Your courage is inspiring. God bless you.

  • Dianelle Amin

    Thank you for sharing your story. May you continue to have good health and an amazing spirit!! With your dedication others will find the same support.

  • Sandy, Steve & Lily Davidson

    So inspired by all you have done and all you are doing! Sandy, Steve & Lily Davidson

  • Erica Schnitzer

    Mia, Good luck with your fundraising! I think you're amazing!! Erica Schnitzer

  • Terry and Brent Olson

    From one cancer survivor to another....congratulations and keep fighting 🎉

  • Bruce & Sherry Nelson

    Keep up the Good work!

  • Anonymous

    Happy National Cancer Day! You are such an inspiration Mia!

  • Anna Bourret

    Mia, we're so very proud of you and your determination!!! Our prayers and unceasing love!!! Dennis & Anna

  • Debbie Detwiler

    Go MIA Go!

  • Emily Hammons

    Good luck!!! I hope you reach your goal. ??

  • Janet Squires

    Stay strong, Mia!

  • Justin’s Aunt Karen

    Happy to donate from Sitka, Alaska. You are amazing!

  • Conor Triplett

    We’ve got your back Mia! #FOE

  • David Egolf

    Great work, Mia!

  • Courtney Nichols

    Donating from the 50th state with aloha

  • Brendan Burg

    North Carolina is covered! Rooting for this very impressive initiative. Representing the Waxmans well!

  • Ruth & Tom Langer

    Hi Mia, I am of friend of Sharon Hawkes, and I'm so honored to donate to your campaign. You are an inspiring young women and we want to be a part of your hard work and determination to make a difference in a great cause.

  • gary marton

    Wishing you much health and happiness! Keep on fighting! :)

  • Jim Shanahan

    from Minnesota

  • Elizabeth Demopoulos

    Hi! We are donating on behalf of our daughter’s friend Gavin. Thank you for raising money for such a worthy cause!

  • Anonymous

    We are from SD.

  • Daniel Cottone

    Mia, you're an inspiration!

  • Dan Cottone

    Go Mia!

  • Daniel Cottone

    Love you Mia

  • Daniel Cottone

    Thank you for making a difference

  • Daniel Cottone

    Keep up the great work!

  • Dan Cottone

    Keep up the great work Mia!

  • Sheldon Lincenberg

    From your friends in Georgia

  • Jodi MacKenzie

    To a true warrior and hero. We donate this in honor of your strength and courage to fight this battle head on. God bless you Mia!

  • Carla Garcia

    Wishing you all the best in your recovery,Mia and sending love to you and your beautiful family. Thank you for raising awareness and for being a citizen leader of your generation. The Garcia Family - Eddie, Carla, Martin and Thomas

  • David Kennedy

    You are amazing, Mia!

  • Heidi Kennedy

    Mia,you are beautiful and inspiring!

  • Daphne Barnes

    I wish you well and commend you for your fund raising efforts. Daphne Barnes

  • Kris & Rick Johnson

    good luck with your great efforts!

  • Todd Speranzo

    Good luck on your campaign!

  • Patty Waxman

    You’ve got this Mia!!!

  • Sharon Hawkes

    Go Mia!!!!! So proud of all you are doing and am honored to be a part of your team

  • Nancy Redick

    Bill Osswald works for the same Company as I do, except I work in Lenexa, Ks. I wish you much success in your fundraising and hoping that you win the scholarship as a wonderful bonus!

  • Auntie Dede

    So proud of you Mia. Honored to be a member of your team. We still have time!!!Busy baking!! Love you Auntie Dede

  • Jason Mayer

    Bennett, this is an incredibly touching and inspirational story. I am honored to help Mia's journey with this personal donation. Thank you for the opportunity, please keep me on the list for next year, and extend my best wishes to Mia for much success and health in the future! Jason Mayer

  • John Hartley

    Mia, I loved your video!!!

  • Robin Kirsch

    Mia, you are a champion for us all!! Your journey inspires me every day. I still remember when you were just a little girl tumbling around our back yard. To see the amazing young woman you have grown to be, warms my heart. You're drive, dedication, and giving spirit are what we should all aspire to live by!! Much love to you and your beautiful family! The Kirsch Family

  • Michell Brown

    Love you Mia

  • Michele Dougher

    So proud of all you accomplish and your fighting attitude, Mia!

  • Linda Gentle

    My Mom and Dad who never met a child they didn't love!

  • Julie Stanton

    You are an inspiration, Mia! Best wishes from the Stanton's, friends of the Brown family.

  • Anonymous

    This is a Matching Donation, following the donation made by Linda Gentle, who along with others has supported Mia in this journey and incredible effort to support the work of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's research and care for other young people in treatment for cancer.

  • Tracy & Randy

    Go Mia!

  • Phoebe Fox

    Keep up the awesome work, Mia! I met your grandmother at the gym. She is so proud of you, and I can see why. You are truly inspiring!

  • Hannah DeSanto

    You go MIA!! You’re amazing!

  • Jill Ciferno

    You and your family are amazing! Fabulous effort at the yard sale today!

  • Christian Roop

    No one should ever have to go through what you have, but you've shown you are more than equal to the task you've been given and the mission you've given yourself.

  • Jessica Scult Magnin

    Sweet Mia, I have known your father and grandparents since I was a little girl and they have always been part of our family. It is beautiful that you are using your story to change lives and make a loving difference in the lives of others. This heals the heart. Keep that smile and inner beauty. In health and joy, Jessica & Noa

  • Don Lineburg

    God's speed

  • Anonymous

    Mia - Great work putting all of this together!!

  • Anonymous

    We love you Mia!

  • Mari Tautimes

    Go Mia Go!!!!

  • Mary Rose

    Congratulations on your HUGE feat!

  • Darrell moffitt

    Mia, you are such an incredible inspiration! Keep up the great work!

  • Roy D’Souza

    Go MIA!!

  • Paul Montreuil

    Get it warrior!

  • Mason Charles

    Thoughts with you from MS, good luck with your goal!!

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the good work.

  • Barbara & Tom McDonald

    Great work, Mia❤️

  • Kimberly Matich

    Good luck you are a special person! I am a friend of Rodger Brown. Kim Matich

  • Russ Homes

    Mia, Wishing you the best. If everyone had your outlook the world would be a better place!

  • Katrina Becker

    Thanks for your great energy, Mia! I'm donating in memory of my mom and in honor of Patty, your mom.

  • The Ciferno Family

    Mia - You are a hero - "a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities". Your strength and spirit to help others is what our world needs! Proud to support your campaign to support others and find a cure!!! The Ciferno Family

  • Doug

    Good luck in the fight!

  • Maynell Adams

    Heidi Adams

  • Carmel Greenfield

    Stay strong Mia!

  • Kathryn Huber and Family

    You’re awesome Mia! Big hugs ??

  • Michelle Hanson

    Wishing you a future filled with health and happiness. I don't know you personally Mia but your video was very touching. You are a strong and beautiful human.

  • Alicia Flockhart

    Wish I could do more, but I know every little bit helps!! 💖💖💖💖

  • Casey Betts

    Love you Mia!!

  • Caitlin Slein

    Best of luck to you, Mia, with your incredible fund raising efforts! I hope your events are a huge success! I am so proud of you for taking action in such a profound way, and inspiring others to contribute to this important cause. I too, wish for childhood cancer to one day be a thing of the past. And, I will never forget your journey, and the impact you’ve had on my life. Love you, girl!!!

  • Nancee Wolter

    You're off to GREAT place! Today is YOUR day! Your MOUNTAIN is waiting, so get on your way! So proud to be donating today. You have been such an inspiration for all. Good Luck on your mission... I have no doubt it's going to sore! Love that Waxman Clan!

  • Irene Wallbaum

    You Go, Mia!! Beat luekeMIA!!!

  • Sharon&David Hawkes

    We are so proud of you and inspired by the work you are doing. Love you heaps

  • Anna Carey

    Harrison and I are thrilled with all you have taken on with such insight and inspiring spirit

  • Maddie Caballo

    Donation from fundraising at Arizona College

  • Anonymous

    In support of Mia's Student of the Year campaign

  • Anonymous

    You are very inspiring Mia!

  • Jeffrey Rothman

    May you always feel connected to Divine Love and realize how loved you are by God and people! -jeffrey

  • Ann Rysavy

    Prayers to Mia for a quick fight to defeat cancer. Stay strong and fight hard. You will win.

  • robert winters

    I’m from Sarasota Florida

  • Ethan Turner

    Keep going Mia!!!

  • Linda Gentle


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