Apr 15, 2017


"We conclude that blood lives of itself and that it depends in no ways upon any parts of the body. Blood is the cause not only of life in general, but also of longer or shorter life, of sleep and waking, of genius, aptitude, and strength. It is the first to live and the last to die."

-William Harvey, 1651


         Of course we understand that's not true, but Harvey knew something we all intuit. Blood is unparalleled in importance and defining of life; and death. We use it to invoke or posses birth, ancestry, optimism, loss, and passion. American Indian Tribes and Los Angeles gangs adopt it as their title and identity. We have used the word for 500 plus years, and it hasn't lost its value or vitriol. We understand it to mean life. How pernicious, then, are diseases which pollute and corrupt our most lasting and meaningful representation of life?


By the time you've read to this point, it is likely someone in the US is getting the news they have a blood cancer. By the time you finish reading this blog, it is likely someone has died from blood cancer. These deaths will likely account for ~10% of all cancer related deaths in 2017. Absolutely appalling. That means, world wide, we will lose enough people to fill Lambeau over 9x in one year. That's nearly 152x the personnel we lost in combat in all post 9/11 conflicts. They will be our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and children. Cancer does not care. It is an indiscriminate killer. Due to that, we aim to eradicate it. You can help.

            Please donate $1, $5, $20, $1000; whatever you can afford and I will ride 150 plus miles along lake Michigan's shore caring my tent and gear with me as I go. Those who know me, know this isn't out of character riding, but keep in mind, those funds will likely save someone you love. They may even save you.

           Please donate even the smallest amount and help us save at least one more life this year. Thank you for your time.


-Dan Roberts


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so proud to ride with you and better yet to be your uncle!
Martin Choren,
Sounds like a fun ride for a great cause! Will be thinking of you during your trip!
Sheri Weix,
Happy to support this great cause!
Karen Crook,
How much to get naming rights for your back sweat?
Dave and Beth Wilder,
Ride Hard Ride Strong. X
Beth Roberts,
Thank you Dan. Ride strong.
Nita Murphy,
Proud of you, bro! Thank you for riding! Xo
Jen Miller,
So awesome Dan! Way to ride and raise awareness for others' lives at stake!!!
What you're doing is great, Dan. Have a safe ride. Thank you! Cheers!
This donation is in honor of my grandpa who wouldn't be here without the advances is leukemia research! Good luck Dan!!
Marc Nelson,

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